Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday Nights

On Wednesday nights I go to my parents' house.
The events have ritualized:
We eat Grandma's homemade organic salad and soup (it's made from good stuff from her ever growing garden).
Papa and Judah do the dishes (Judah is always quite bossy about how the dishes are done and somewhat resistant to Papa's help).
They work/laugh through their differing styles.
Then Papa and Judah mop and sweep at the same time.
Together they vacuum.
Sometimes they water plants.
They always play with cars.
I feel lucky.

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Lindy Young said...

I rather am enjoying this naplombodo blogging thing -- everyone's writing stuff and it's nice. It's very day-to-day ish.

I like this little story of yours.

Oh, and I've been meaning to say, RIGHT ON about writing that fabulous story for Judah. I was so inspired by it that I wasted about 3 hours trying to write one for Dessi. I came up with some inane tale about a ... oh, nevermind. It was just awful. You are talented in many many ways.

A final note -- did you receive our paypal money for two books? I had the one sent to us here in Dakar so it will take a while to receive it, but I wanted to check with you (I transacted it almost two weeks ago) because sometimes living overseas can be difficult fo rpaypal to trust.