Saturday, September 26, 2009

Shaving Cream Fun!

I've mentioned that I'm a speech-language pathologist. LOVE SLP work. You could even say I'm a tad obsessive with it. I'm lucky enough to work with adorable, pinch-me-cause-they-are-too-cute-too-be-real, preschoolers.
I was busy at work this week and I realized something. Something embarrassing. I don't do most of these activities with Judah. Sad. He would love them. All of them. What about the SUPER simple activities? Yup, he'd love those too. So, starting today, I pledge to do (and share on the blog, to help keep me legit*) at least ONE new activity with Jude every week.

Shaving Cream
What you need: shaving cream, tray
Why: great sensory activity, good for stimulating language
What to do: draw pictures (or numbers, letters, etc) together in the shaving cream, talk about how it feels, what it looks like, make a mess, have fun

We also had fun with chalk. We like to use it on the sidewalk too.

*this also provides me with a reason to blog AND an opportunity to share lots of Judah pictures. A perfect plan :)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm holding the proof of the book and cannot believe all of the overwhelming cuteness it contains! I'm SO excited for everyone to see it! 8-10 working days! Just 8-10 working days! WHOOOHOOO!