Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Don't make Mommy sad!

Judah now scolds his toys. He tell them, "Please be nice! You are making mommy sad!" Since he's very theatrical, he says "sad" very dramatically with a sad face.

I have NO idea where he gets this from.

It should be noted that he also spends a great deal of time telling his toys very sweet things. They can just be a little bit naughty every now and then.


Jocelyn said...

I can't imagine where he gets that from either:-) Of course Judah says sweet sweet thing!!

Lindsay and Shannon said...

Your boy is so considerate! So cute!

Shasta said...

Hi Danni! It turns out that I don't have your email address. Can you email me (thelovely nest at gmail dot com) so I can put you in touch with Jennifer and you can claim your t-shirt? Thanks!