Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Details

I know you are DYING to find out exactly how it happened. I'll share. Judah was all naked ready to get into the bath. He said, "peepee!" Tommy and I jumped into frantic motion screaming, "POTTY! POTTY!"
I, fully clothed, sat on the grown-up toilet to provide him with a model (albeit TERRIBLE CLOTHED MODEL) while cheering for myself (in retrospect, it must have been very bizarre and a tad scary for poor Jude).
Despite the commotion (I sincerely hope he has learned to ignore most of his mom's craziness) Judah sat on his toilet. A few seconds later he got up. In the little, blue toilet...A TINY, GORGEOUS PUDDLING. Tommy quickly swished the miracle liquid over the music playing sensor. We cheered. Jude looked annoyed.
Stunned and confused, I asked Tommy, "is it really pee?"
Tommy replied, "Yes."
I was still not convinced, I needed to do investigative work, "Is it yellow?"
Tommy, "YES. It's PEE."
Me, "Really?"
Tommy, "I SAW him going."
Me, "Really?"
Tommy, "YES."

I think in all the excitement, I was in shock. Seriously, how else did I think that Jude put a little, yellow puddle in his potty.
Once again, PROUD. Yes. VERY proud.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I believe...

in love at first sight. I do. I'm a silly romantic. Always have been. Legend has it, I used to play the read-along Cinderella record over and over and over again. Even when I was bitty, I could never get enough romance. I'm lucky I have a husband who spoils me and is after I come home from a hard night gambling (read: Bunco) :) I have found the bath drawn, Enya playing, candles lit, wine glass filled, and the bath pillow in place. I love him.
With him it was instant. Ok, so my husband is ridiculously good looking, but I swear, that wasn't it. It was that little, deep shiny part of his eyes. That's what I still love.
When I first saw a picture of Judah, my heart swelled. I still don't have words. I saw the light and loved each cell. All of his energy. Him. Completely.
I also think I have a very good first impression meter. Ok, so I'm not a hard sell. I usually just adore you if you smile at me. Tip: If I'm a tad shy, but all chatty-strange, and seem as if I've lost a good 40 IQ points, it's usually because I have a HUGE crush on you. Some of my friends have to deal with this Danielle regularly. Forgive me.
Well, I fell in love again. I didn't mean to fall in love. I promise.
For the third time in my adult life I've fallen in love big time, and I really hope my heart doesn't break.
So my plan? It's solid. I'm holding my breath until I find out.

Monday, April 27, 2009


We've been busy around these parts. Super busy. All good things. I have 8 weeks left of work before summer vacation. I LOVE summer vacation. Everything about it. Super hot weather. Rafting (as I've mentioned, I'm EXTREMELY talented, it's hard to express the enormity of the talent. It's a gift, really. Everyone sane that's witnessed, is aware of the gift). Mojitos. Vacation. Beach. Baby birthdays. Sister will be home from Thailand. Just a lot of fun.
But the Spring is good too. THIS Spring has been fabulous.
For example:
Last night I was singing to Jude some bedtime type songs.
I'm tone-deaf.
Pathetically off-key*
I'm actually thinking that my singing is the reason that Judah prefers for dada to put him to bed. Dada doesn't sing. Well, he sings MUCH better and much more often than I do. But the dada/Jude duo have a different sleep-time ritual. I would tell you about it, but I'm not invited.
So let me get back to last night. Since I can't/don't sing, I don't have a lot of good material. SLIM slim pickins. We start with Twinkle, which sometimes, I rock. I even have a second verse:
Judah, Judah is the best
Better babe than all the rest
I love him, love him all the time
I'm so glad you're all mine
(I provided the lyrics in case you wanted to use it. No credit needed. ALL yours, just change the name if you desire).
Ok, so I've got Twinkle, Twinkle and the awesome second verse change-up deluxe.
The ABCs and If You're Happy.
After this I'm out. I've heard some amazing parents perform Moon River. I could spend the rest of my life dedicated to only learning Moon River and would still fail.
Last night I was inspired. It hit me suddenly and I felt hopeful. Row Row Row Your Boat. OBVIOUSLY. It's a NEW song, LIKE Moon River, but different. Almost the same.
I know ALL the words. Seriously. I thought, I can sing that (not well, but I felt it could be done).
So I started singing.
Guess what?
Jude started singing too.
WHAT? Please understand, that's not one of our tunes. Investigative work had to be done.
I quickly called PAPA (Jude's grandpa).
"You put Jude to sleep a week ago, that Friday night, when we went to that top secret all-you-can-eat Sushi place. Did you sing to him?"
Mind you, I get my nonexistent musical talent straight from my father. He messes up the tune of the ABC song. Every. Single. Time. NJK.
Papa replied, "Yeah, I sang to him for a REALLY long time."
Me: "What did you sing? You don't know any songs."
Papa: "I sang ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT over and over and over again"

Listening to Jude sing is the BEST sound I've ever hear. It's fabulous. I just fear that we need to get better instructors. Soon. If you're one of those Moon River knowing people, please stop by.

*Proof: When I was in High School Drama (yes, drama) we had an assignment to sing a song. Any song. I went to the teacher and explained that I would fail and asked for an alternate assignment. She didn't care. I sang. After I sang she said in front of the class, "You REALLY CAN'T sing can you?" and laughed. Then the class laughed. Good times.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Good Reason to Celebrate

I LOVE Earth Day! It might be my favorite. Yes, it's decided. It is my favorite. I think it's Judah's also :)

Quick Judah update:
Judah is now talking up a storm.
Warning: He's b.o.s.s.y. He is still the sweetest muffin ever, but he'll grab your hand and insist on going for a walk. Don't worry he'll remind you to put on shoes (both yours and his) and bring the bubbles.
Tip: You better treat his mama right. Prepare to get yelled at if you brush Scarlett (whippet) hair off of me or try to cut a tag off of my shirt (hitting, even if it's gently and going at his mama with scissors are BIG "no NO" moves). Don't even think about tossing a stuffed animal my way. Dada has had to learn the hard way. Judah has no issue with putting dada in his place. I don't even want to talk about the lesson the dentist had to learn.
Judah is also into fashion. Seriously. He loves to accessorize. Judah insists on seeing himself in the mirror after he's dressed. Jude CARES what he wears and will NOT settle for wearing something he deems uncool.
It's funny, Jude is such a mix of his dada and I.
His interests are ALL dada. They both LOVE cars and shoes. They both HATE mess and like to order things.
Mama doesn't understand order, cars or shoes.
But, his personality. ALL mama. We both LOVE to laugh and do it often. We also both get very mad if someone wrongs us (like if someone were to take our food away before we finish- we are serious about food) but are usually quick to forgive.

In other news:
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for sending me pictures. They are too adorable for words. If you haven't yet AND you would like to, please send them in soon. I know Jude will think it's fabulous to see himself in a book. I think your child will love it too.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Project! Project!

Tommy and I are putting together a children's book to sell. All proceeds will go toward good things (adoptions, favorite Ethiopian charities) and we want to bring books (which will be in English and Amharic) with us to give away on our next trip to Ethiopia.
We need your help.
If you would like for YOUR precious Ethiopian babe to STAR in our book, please send us pictures of your darling doing one or more of the following:

smiling, hugging, kissing, watering, throwing away trash, dancing, singing, cleaning up, sharing, playing games or waving

They have to be high-quality, no phone photos please!

If we use a picture of your child, you will be given a free book.
Please email me if you'd like to participate in the fun at:

Books! Ethiopian babes! Promoting adoption! Helping awesome charities! Supporting literacy in Africa! I seriously can't think of a better combination. I'm very excited :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Last year, I dressed him ...

This year, he dressed himself.

Can you stand how big he's getting?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I didn't even say it this time...

Everyone who comes over is just drawn to him because he is such a good person. He is always in a good mood and has the best, most infectious laugh. Oh, and he's smart too...he says everything.

Yup, mommy cried happy tears because her little man received the most rave review from daycare. I feel like he just got all A++++s at Harvard. Proud, proud, proud!

In case...

you needed to smile.