Thursday, November 11, 2010

Counting Down

40 days until court. 32 until we leave for Ethiopia. 33 until we meet our daughter.

I wish I felt centered and calm enough to share my thoughts and feelings. I have quite a few of them. At the moment, I'm a busy and scattered soul.

Since I'm very busy spinning, if you have any questions about our adoption or life, please feel free to ask Judah. He knows everything, has a lot of ideas and never stops talking. Just a warning, you may not have very much control over the topic...

"Mommy, I want a tow truck so I can tow big semi-trucks. A real one. Daddy's going to buy me one. Tell him to buy me one. Now I want to talk about wheels. Mommy, TALK TO ME ABOUT WHEELS!"

He does have some very sweet thoughts about his sister. He thinks about her...

Her needs:
"We need to get A an airplane plate, dump truck pajamas and blue shoes."
How they are alike:
"A smells like chocolate, just like me."
How they are different:
"A is a girl, so she's a princess, like you mommy."

I love my boy and his beautiful and sweet mind.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Court Date!

We will spend Christmas in Ethiopia. I can't think of anything better. We are just so indescribably happy. We get to meet our little girl in just over 6 weeks!