Sunday, November 8, 2009

Now we're cookin' ... almost.

I love this book. It’s beautiful. The pictures are beautiful. The stories are beautiful.
Have I mentioned that I just love everything about it?
I do.
It’s a cookbook, but so much more. The chef, Marcus Samuelsson was born in Ethiopia and raised in Sweden by his adoptive parents.
It’s truly a celebration of Africa and you can’t help but be inspired after flipping through the informative and colorful pages.
I admit, I thought for a moment, I would LOVE if Marcus Samuelsson created a cookbook focusing on just Ethiopian cooking next. Then reality hit. I don't cook a lot right now. This fabulous book has recipes for all the staples. I need no more. At least right now.
Truthfully, this is what happens.
I open the book while Judah is napping and get lost in it. About 30 minutes later, I awake from my happy daze and tell Tommy that I NEED Ethiopian food right now. There is no time for buying ingredients and cooking. Judah wakes up and we go eat at our favorite Ethiopian restaurant. I don’t actually cook anything. Sad, but true.

Since Christmas is arriving soon, I thought you should know about another book that needs to be added to your list. Plus, it stays in line with my policy of giving gifts that give back. A portion of the author’s royalties are donated to UNICEF. Gotta love that Marcus Samuelsson.

Be back tomorrow, we are off to fill our bellies with doro watt and injera! :)


Ladybugs appear said...

Eating at his NYC restaurant Aquavit 5 years ago was a religious experience. He's a true culinary genius of our time.

Lindy Young said...

OK, just bought the book. Maybe I am too enamored with you ... everything you say to do, I do! I will admit, I'm handing it right over to our cook! She can make anything (she is so patient. She follows recipes exactly and so everything comes out perfectly.)

Ethiopian really does sound so good right now.

Please post about the actual technique for making twists. I am so dumb about that. I've tried to look online for directions but I think everyone assumes anyone already knows how to do these things. Braids, I'm not so interested in -- it looks uncomfortable to me (doesn't your scalp kinda hurt after just being in a ponytail all day?) but those twists, I covet.


Amy B. said...

I have this book too. I got it last year for Christmas from a good friend. There is a CD that you can order that is connected to the cookbook somehow (I can't remember if it is listed in the cookbook or not), but it is really good too. It is world music. We love it...and we love the cookbook too.