Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Throwing Dirt

I've been a big grouch today. Oscar has nothing on me. I hoped that by the time I got to the blog writing part of my day, things would improve. No luck. So, if I were you, I'd stop reading and do something productive with your time. OR you can read about how I want to throw dirt at people.

We've all been there. The moment when a person asks how things are going in the adoption process or "so how much longer?" and you secretly just want to throw dirt at their face?


I think it's because we don't usually know the answer. It's hard to answer a question that you should obviously know the answer to with "I don't know."
OR, you know the answer, but it's never easy and simple. Always complex.
For example, when the "so how much longer?" is followed up with a "so do you go there and choose a baby?"

I know these are moments when you can share and sharing is good. blah. blah. blah.

But, when you're all grouchy because you don't have answers (usually because no one has answers) or the answers will take 3584968 years to explain, it's hard. Maybe I'm just a big grouch today, but as we get ready to start our next adoption my new plan is to just say "no" and throw dirt at their face.


Sarah said...

I like that! I think I will start to throw dirt too! Sorry you feel down.

Jillienne said...

Throwing dirt is definitely a viable option!

Amy Bottomly said...

Yes, throw dirt. :) The questions are indeed draining at times. :)

Lindy Young said...

Yeah. I actually have skipped telling the world yet -- just our families and close friends know (and living in Senegal doesn't hurt, either). You are really really at the beginning of this whole process though, so you're going to have to find a nice way to glaze your eyes and nod your head and move on with your day because they will ask, like, a LOT more times before you have child-in-arms!!

They are, for whatever it's worth, asking because they adore you. I am sure.


Amy B. said...

I hear ya!! Everyone is entitled to be a grouch now and then...especially when it is someone like you that normally has a very friendly disposition. Now, if you were a grouch all the time...then I wouldn't be telling you that you were so entitled :) Even a little dirt throwing is acceptable from time to time too.:)

Lindsay and Shannon said...

My oh my, I get this. Especially when they really are good people who thing they're showing concern/interest in our adoption. The other part of the annoyance is the whole lack of control. I am really coming to terms recently with how controlling I actually am--adoption has kicked my arse in that area. As people love to tell me these days "hang in there." Ugh!

Eastiopians said...


I work with a gabazillion people and they all ask me crazy questions like that...good hearts of course...but DANG it's hard to try to explain it all over and over again. I prefer the duck and run strategy. When you see someone approaching that you KNOW will ask, then duck down low and run out of there fast! Or, go to the bathroom until they leave (works well in an office setting). Even if they see you duck and run...just tell them later that you had an upset tummy. I think everyone here must think I have serious stomach issues. Haha...at least I get to read good smutty magazines in the bathroom all the time. I ask me anything about Robert & Kristine or Brad & Angelina. And I normally hate that stuff. But I prefer it over the..."So when do you get your baby? Will you bring her in so we all can see her as soon as you get back?" Oh dear. Good luck! Duck and Run!