Sunday, February 28, 2010


This weekend was very busy. On Saturday morning we went to a birthday party at the batting cages. It's very important that I remember how much I love the batting cages. I've wasted a lot of time during the last 20 years not practicing my swing.

From there we went to Little Ethiopia for our monthly meet up. I'm talking about the monthly meet up we've managed to miss every single month. It was our first. I'm hooked. Those folks just make me happy. They make Tommy happy. They make Judah VERY happy.

Judah decided that Julie was his very best friend. Unfortunately, I believe he MIGHT be a tad bossy with his best friends.

I think Judah's favorite thing in the world is to be tickled by sparkly-eyed Meazi. Oh, and when Ms. Tunsitu changed positions in the ring-around-a-rosie circle JUST to hold hands with still my heart. We can't stop true love people!
Not to mention Mimi. She has so much pure coolness that I find myself just following her around.

Beautiful babies. Too many to list. Hooked.

After our lunch, we drove down to the beach to visit friends. During the drive Tommy asked, "could you type a FB message for me?"
I typed it.
He directed, "add an exclamation point after 'adorable'."
I made the change and sent "Your children are adorable! It was great to see you and meet your husband."
You get why this made my heart dance, right?

We spent the night at our friends house (Judah LOVES sleep overs). This morning our friend was making a huge breakfast extravaganza (too nice). I overhear Tommy tell his friend, "Oh, I think your baby just pooped. I'll change her." He then did so- with NO hesitation.
My heart danced again.

It's just those little/huge things.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Adventure to Violet

I just started a new blog to document our adoption adventure.

Here it is!

If you'd like to join our adventure, just let me know and I'll give you the password.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

To Celebrate...

We celebrated this very important holiday by going out to Ethiopian food (such yummy goodness) and eating ice cream cake.

We also bought Judah a tiny fish tank with a red beta fish. Judah is extremely thrilled with his new friend. He named him Goldfish.

Tommy and I are writing a letter to Judah every year on Judah Day. I'm thinking that when we go to Ethiopia (to pick up his SISTER!), we will find a special box to keep the letters in. Hopefully, he'll like having all the love letters some day...

How do you celebrate? Or do you celebrate this day in your family? Do you plan to?

Happy Judah Day!

Exactly two years ago today, we met the love of our life. Our Judah. His contagious laugh, smile and spirit have filled our hearts with more joy than I will ever be able to express. Judah has brought his family so much goodness, we are just so lucky. We are all celebrating; two years ago today, we became a family.

The day we met Judah was, unequivocally, the best day of our lives.

You have given us more love and laughter than we could have possibly imagined. You were magic from the start. You touch hearts everywhere you go. Every single person who knows you is grateful because of it.

Daily, people comment about you to me. Comments about your soulful laugh. Your beautiful energy. On Monday, while you were laughing and squealing with delight over the Orangutans, a mother commented that you were "such a good reminder of how we should all live." I get comments like this all the time, because that's what you do. You constantly remind people of the best. The best feelings. Your curiosity, amazement, and cheer are inspirational. I've never met anyone like you. I know I never will. I feel so grateful to be your mama. By example, you teach me how to be better. You teach the best lessons in life.

Your birth mama is also thinking of you today. As she does every day. She would be so very proud of the little man you are becoming. Smart, sweet and just a very kind person. Much of your good comes straight from her. Your laugh, your smile, the way your soul shines from your eyes. She put the love in your bones for you to keep forever. She gave you many gifts. I'm so grateful I get to share them with you.

We love you Judah. More than we ever thought possible. I'm so proud of you...your strength, love, light and legendarily fabulous laugh.

With more love than I could ever express in one lifetime,

Monday, February 8, 2010

Our new adventure

I started this blog as a way to document our adoption journey. It became much more than that for us. We made many friends. We received lots of support, which was desperately needed and greatly appreciated. I learned that blogging was therapeutic for me during the stressful adoption process. I enjoyed the writing process (writing has never been a strength). This time I'm sewing (also not a strength).

Blogging is kind of strange. For many reasons. I find myself editing more and more. I hate editing. I don't know who is reading.

I LOVE the idea that I can create a blog book for Judah about our journey. Hopefully he'll like having it when I'm old and batty (or older and possibly more batty). Looking back on the last three years, I think any one who has read this blog can clearly see Judah, through my eyes. I want that for our Violet. I want her story to be told. From our start.
So, I'm starting a new blog. For her. I'm starting it on wordpress, so it will be password protected. Right now, I feel better about that. I'm not sure what this blog will look like, because it is FOR her.

I've started to play around with it and will give you the address as soon as it's ready :)


Judah is a bit obsessed with these creatures. I think he must have overheard a story about them. He thinks they are outside. He thinks they are in the fireplace. He thinks they might get him or his mama.
Today we are going to the zoo to look at REAL coyotes. I'm hoping that after he sees them, the fear might subside?

Judah has already planned the zoo itinerary. The itinerary includes zebra, giraffe and gorilla viewing. There was a specific request for NO COYOTES. Wish us luck.

*Update: The two lovey coyotes recently passed away, so there were no coyotes to view. I showed him baby coyotes on google images and he seemed to like em. At the zoo he called a fox a "baby coyote" and said he wanted to "take it out." I'm hopeful (but not convinced) that the coyote fear has diminished.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I adore my dad. I worship him to a fault. He's always been my rock, my support, the one I like to talk to about things that matter. He's Judah's favorite person. I completely understand why. I can't compete and don't even try.

Much of my adult life has been focused on children with autism. I more than enjoy working with this population. I find my work so gratifying and challenging and inspiring. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE those kids.

This past week this has been in the news. I'm infuriated that this "research" terrified so many, for so long. I'm just so angry. I wonder if the damage can ever be undone. So many dollars were spent trying to find the "link." Dollars and time that could have been spent in other ways- other ways that may have been able to help my little beautiful and perfect people.
And then there's the other side. Not just the loss in the world of autism (which is our world, because I think now we ALL are touched by autism).

The dangers of people not getting the MMR vaccination.
There are outbreaks.
They do have adverse effects.

My most terrifying childhood memory was when I was in late middle school. My mom was seriously sick. Daily, I lived with the fear of losing her. A real fear at the time.
When my dad got sick and spent many days in intensive care- I thought I might lose them both. It was a real fear. It was too much.
My dad was very, very sick.
He had the measles, complicated by pneumonia. It was scary.
I needed him.
With herd immunity, the measles are completely avoidable.

No one should have to lose someone they love to the measles. No little girl should have to worry about losing her dad to it.

I think a lot of people in my age group are so far removed from these horrible diseases, the reality of what they are capable of is distorted.
When Judah came home he didn't have proper immunity. He was vulnerable. All little babies are.
I need Judah.
Judah needs his Papa.
My kids at work need me.

Harm none.

*I'm NOT giving medical advice. Obviously. That's for peeps to discuss with their doctors. I'm angry about the "research." I'm angry that some people used that article as a reason NOT to get the vaccination.