Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Done, Off, Celebrate

Summer vacation is so close...I work mostly with little ones with Autism. Love my job. But, it's tough (read: biting, scratching, spitting, etc...all of which are my fault because I'm doing something or not doing something) and I NEED breaks. To not have to think about what I'm doing or not doing. Well, I'll think about it. But, not with the same consequences. During the year, my job is rather consuming. Rewarding, but consuming. It's definitely a job where you give a lot emotionally, mentally, physically even and the rewards are huge. It's the only job I can imagine leaving Judah for...but it's tough to leave him still.

Judah is just magic.
He's imaginative and fabulous. Judah tells the best jokes. Like this:
"Mommy! It's stinky!"
"Yes, it is. I think they are redoing the streets. It smells like tar."
"Do you think the truck farted?"
Follwed by the biggest Judah belly laugh ever. He loves his jokes. So do I.

Not that he's all jokes. He knows how to tell someone off. Seriously. He practices sometimes on the way to daycare:
"He took my ball mommy. That wasn't nice. I just wanna tell him 'Why don't you just go home and change your diaper!'"
This is said with a hand wave and ALL attitude.

He has nice thoughts for his friends too. Judah's very best friend moved about 4 months ago and he still misses him.
"I miss Trent, Mommy. I think he's at home drinking milk with his mommy."
(Can you guess what Judah's very favorite thing to do is?).

I'm so proud of my little man. He's very polite. I never have to remind him to say "please" or "thank you."
When he saw his Papa last weekend he said, "How was your day Papa?" Which makes him the most thoughtful member of my family.

Judah still loves to dance. We have nightly dance parties. At a birthday party last weekend, Judah walked up to my friends and asked, "Do you want to dance with me?"
Not very shy.

In a few days we are off to Thailand, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam (where he will turn THREE! I'm not ready for that. At all.). In less than two weeks my little sister is getting married! In less than three weeks is our 10 year anniversay. Wow.

Wish us luck! I'm excited to see SE Asia through the eyes of my little man.

Oh, and to make sure you are properly kept up to date:
We are still #16 on the toddler list, but are now...drum roll... #41! on the infant girl list!
Movin' on up :)

*UPDATE: I wrote this a few days ago. I am leaving TOMORROW for SE Asia. Busy packing!