Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy 8 month birthday Jude (a couple of days late) and Happy Birthday Grandma (today)!

We love you!

I think being a parent is the most self indulgent thing I've ever done. I get tons of hugs and big open mouth kisses, snuggles, and countless smiles. I have the best reading and play partner ever. He doesn't complain about my singing (yet. I am extremely tone deaf, so this is temporary)and likes to dance with me. Judah is also the BEST alarm clock ever. Seriously. At 6:45 he wakes me up gently with soft coos and quiet da-da-ta-ta-gu's. There is no better way to start the day than that. Jude is the best friend a girl could ever have. Gosh, I just love every morsel of my sweet boy.

My two loves

I'm a very lucky girl!

Monday, March 24, 2008

It's the Easter Bunny!

Hangin with his cousins, Darrigan and Saoirse

Saoirse with her Auntie Danni!

Jude with his Uncle Danny!

Jude with his Auntie Gina!

Judah had a great time in Flagstaff!

The adventures of Judah!

Jude has been one busy fellow! Here's just a taste of what he's been up to! I'm going to have a very busy blogging week to catch up...

He had a very fun St. Patrick's Day! Hanging with his mom and dad

visited his Grandma and Great Grandma

played with Nathan and Ashley

was held by Auntie Lea

kissed by Ashley

held hands with Gabby

and hugged her

and kissed her (I tell you my son is a shameless flirt!)

was loved by GaGa Deb and Auntie Mish

brunched with good friends

danced with Bernadette

fell in love with sweet potatoes (if you can't tell by his curvacious figure, my baby loves to eat!)

and hung out with Auntie Heather

We came home from Flagstaff, AZ last night and I have some great pics to share. Just so you know, I am the type of sicko parent that actually dresses their child in a bunny outfit for their own amusement (I promised Jude that this would be the last year. I learned quickly that although he enjoys telling jokes and laughing at other people's jokes, he is NOT a fan of being laughed at).

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Some thoughts...

I need to go back. I need to give something. Every time I look into those amazingly perfect and beautiful eyes, I am grateful to Ethiopia. Grateful for what they have given me. Which is everything. I search. I know I will return, but I need to plan an exact date. Set it in stone. I don’t forget those faces. I want to scream out that I remember them ... that I won't forget. I care and love. My love is not without action. I have to go back and I wish it was today. Although I knew before, I did not really know. I didn’t feel it with every cell. I avoided it because it was too much. Now I feel it so deeply. Now it consumes me. I feel so badly living in my world. Throwing away food just past date. Buying clothes although I have a closet full. I can’t believe this is the best me. I always hoped that since I try, that is something (e.g. I use cloth diapers, I’m in a “helping” profession, try to be a good friend, etc.), but I have never felt more useless. I hate this limbo. I will figure it out. I know it will be soon, it has to be.

By the way, I decided that my son is the best/strongest/most amazing/funniest/and most generous/kind person I've ever met. I'm more in love than I knew was possible. If you've met him, you completely understand why ... he's unique and special and extremely important. If you haven't met him, here's additional proof:

Sunday, March 2, 2008


Here is some Judah love. My next personal goal is to put together an extraordinary Ethiopian presentation (my ego never deflated after I successfully put together my last onetruemedia masterpiece. Ok, maybe it wasn't a masterpiece, but I did it and it worked, which is an extraordinary occurrence).

Oh, and is it ok if this blog replaces a baby book? Hmmm...

Daddy loves Judah!

The Melehans love Judah!

Christa and Reese love Judah!

Mommy loves Judah!

Aunt Judi and Uncle Pat love Judah!

Deb loves Judah!

Lori (yes, of the famous Ted and Lori!) loves Judah!

Judah loves Judah!


The happily in love family!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lessons ...

... that I learned or relearned while in Ethiopia (compliments of my traveling companions)

Aly - that you can appear (and actually be) amazingly strong and yet never stop crying … actually making people around you admire you, because you feel so much. Constantly.

Mr. Aly - another reason to love your spouse is because they love Ethiopia

Jocelyn - it’s always ok to insist on getting answers if it’s for your child

Wade - when you find someone doing the hide-while-you-cry in a van, the only words, and the most comforting are, “tough day” … SO much better than “It’s ok” when it’s not, or an “I’m sorry” when they are feeling the same way.

Dae - babies need to be burped (Jude thanks you) and if you put on the Baby Bjorn properly it doesn’t hurt.

Jill - when you live honestly, you radiate it and people can see it immediately.

Lance - the right tone of voice and warmth can make the entire room more at ease.

Colton and Dylan - although someone may be half your age, you can learn from them. They can be much wiser (and obviously cooler) than you in many ways.

Thanks guys! We miss you!