Saturday, November 14, 2009

Our Artist

Judah created this original masterpiece at Georja's (daycare) a few weeks ago. He is proud. His mommy is proud. His daddy is proud. Judah shows everyone who comes over. He squeals with delight and says "I did it! Georja! Georja!"**
Very cute stuff.

**we are not sure if he's explaining that he did it at Georja's OR if it's his very first portrait. Interpret as you wish.

Today, we went to the zoo. Judah met a 2-year-old boy at the gorilla exhibit (we spend a lot of time at the gorilla exhibit). The boy looked at Judah and said in an informative and very assertive tone, "this is MY mommy" while pointing to his mom. Judah looked right back at him, matched his tone, and said, "this is MY mommy" while pointing to me. This went on for a few rounds. I assured them that they were both correct. That there was no reason to get fired up. Plenty of mommys representin'!

It was a fabulous 2 year-old disagreement/agreement. I love being Judah's mommy, maybe especially (and obviously egocentrically) when he's being all bossy about the fact.


Lindy Young said...

I love this argument. I guess they were being little chest-thumping gorillas!

J'Laine said...

Love the painting- he is extremely talented. and love the argument as well!

courtney rose said...

Judah is a true arteest... do you have a spot on your wall for his work?

Nana said...

Sorry, apparently there has been a lot going on since my last read and my computer decided to lock up on me--but a budding artist...hmmmm.
Love Nana.