Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Every. Single. Time.

I'm ever upset emotionally, a bug gets me. I have a terrible cold :(
Worse news: Judah does also.
Better news: We got a new camera! Tommy has taken more pictures in the last week than we've taken during the last 10 years combined. When I'm less gross, I'm going to post a ton of them. There's some cute cuteness to share. A lot of it.
Last weekend we went to Flagstaff for my nephew's 4th birthday!
I'll post pictures of those cousin cuties too.
Fun news: Next week we are going to Europe.
Good news: I just got a new job that's only 2.3 feet away from Judah's amazing daycare. The awesome proximity makes me happy. Leaving my old job makes me VERY sad (which I think is another reason for my sniffles).

Since Judah and I are sick of hanging around the house, we are headed to the zoo. Don't worry, Judah has already placed tissues in the trunk of his stroller car.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jealous of Germany

I'm one of those people that will tell you anything about myself. Freely. I don't understand guarded. I do understand that the guarded style works for some people. I respect that. It just doesn't work for me. I like to love big, cry big, and play big. It's who I am. It usually works for me. And I never. ever. protect my heart.

When I first opened up the envelope of the child we sponsor and saw her brilliant face, I was stunned. Tommy spoke first,
"She looks just like Jude."
"I know. My exact thought."

Within moments our decision had been made: 1. see if she could be our daughter, Jude's older sister, 2. start the process immediately

We've been waiting months to find out if this is a possibility. During which time I became more and more sure that she was going to be our daughter. It's what the universe led us to. It would work out. Free time was spent looking into schools, room decor, etc. We were ready. My heart was set.

Except. I was wrong. Completely wrong.
Germany just adopted her.

I am THRILLED for her. Seriously. Couldn't be happier. I am THRILLED for Germany. I do like Germany and know it's even more lovely now. With her in it.

But, today, when I found out. I cried. It was an odd cry. Not the ugly cry I'm so fond of. It was just random drops. No snot. No heavy breathing. No scrunched up face. Just quick and surprising cool drops. Probably the loveliest cry of my life. And it lasted all day. It's not that I'm not heartbroken. I am. I had a picture. I had plans. I guess I can't ugly cry because I'm so happy for her.
My brains not in it. But, oh, that selfish heart. I can't help it. It's humiliating to admit it. But it hurts. A lot.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Jocelyn's Cookbook

When we traveled to Ethiopia to be united with our Judah we met some truly great people. I've written about all of them and how they have inspired me and changed our lives.
Well, here's some fabulous news!
Jocelyn is adopting again!
She is working hard to bring home Pacey's big sister. She is currently working on creating a fabulous cookbook as an adoption fundraiser. You want it. I know you do. Everyone needs more good recipes. My family has a corn bread recipe that I'm not sharing EXCEPT via the cookbook. Yup. I'm playing like that. Stakes just got all high and crazy. Ok, seriously.
Just go buy one!
Click on my button. See it? All blue and homey feeling. Just a bit to the right. Yup, you just click right on it.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guess what?

Nicole and Andy are getting married! I'm officially getting a new brother!

They are getting married in Thailand (where they live), so we HAVE to go island hopping next summer to celebrate...

Here's my baby sister and her love.

Good stuff, huh?
Congrats Nicole and Andy!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Where are you Danielle?

Oh, I'm a very busy, important person who cannot possibly find the time to blog.


I'm reading the Twilight series.

(I'm half way through Breaking Dawn, so I should be back in about 250 pages)...

Blame Lori. I do.