Friday, June 27, 2008

Happiness maker...

Today we went to the supermarket. Judah was being his typical flirty market self. His flirty moves include: spotting his victim, pulling or pushing me (rather roughly and in a time sensitive manner) if I'm obstructing his view, tilting his head to the side, smiling so big he scrunches up his nose, and either yelling or yell-laugh-combo-ing it till the victim looks. If the victim is responsive, then he ups his antics with louder laughing and more big scrunched-up-nose smiles. It's almost embarrassing, but always in a good way.
This behavior is reserved for the ladies. Young ladies. Ladies from the age of 2-42 (yes, although an ageist, Jude's got range). Today, as I was picking out some sweet potato puffs, (highly recommended, basically Judah and I pop em all day long - quite addictive) he pushed my arm out of the way and I instantly knew he was going to put the moves on someone ... No stopping Judah.
The surprise was that it was a 75 year old woman and her 95 year old mother. These moves were elaborate and didn't wane. As they walked by he twisted and turned to extend the flirtation, adding additional nose crinkles and laughs their way. The woman laughed back and said "Oh, I LOVE you!"...
Later, while we were doing our market rounds, we saw the women again. Jude instantly recognized them and started putting on his aforementioned moves. The woman smiled very warmly and said, "He just made my day. Seriously. I was in so much pain. My back hurt so badly I didn't know if I could make it to the market today. Now I'm so glad I did. He made all the pain worth it. I love him. It was love at first sight."
Sometimes I think he's wise beyond his years. He somehow knows who needs a little extra sugar and gives it to em. Jude is just such a good friend, I was one proud mommy.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yet, just TWO days later...

his form has improved dramatically...Judah's growing up too quickly. It hurts my heart. If you know of any way to stop this process, please let me know immediately.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My little brilliant dude!

Much has happened that I would like to take time documenting (e.g. our wonderful trip to see Ashley, Simret, Pacey and their wonderful parents, the MEGASTATION launch, etc).

But, the universe obviously needs more Judah love now, therefore, it is my duty to share :)

Jude is finally showing serious teething signs. Have you ever seen anyone as happy with their teething biscuit?

Jude is mobile! Yes, he's moving!*

*Crawling is currently, not a strength. We think his form appears wounded army soldieresque.

Judah's language comprehension and production is VERY good. Mama's speech-language pathology side couldn't be prouder! Mind you, this is just a sample of average work and in by no way represents his range of abilities :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Judah's First Rafting Season

All who know me well are acutely aware of my passion (not to mention my obvious talent) and commitment to, the art of pool rafting. In anticipation of the quickly approaching rafting season, we decided to bump up the experience...I am taking this opportunity to formally introduce ... wait for it ... THE MEGASTATION.

Yes, you are invited.