Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My daughter is a princess

Aster is the most beautiful girl in the world. A very wise woman said so and she knows stuff. At this point it's no longer subjective.

Aster is a 6 year old girl. She doesn't know how good and beautiful she is. In every way possible. It's heartbreaking.

Whenever someone referred to Aster as "beautiful" or a "princess" she would vehemently deny it. Then it got worse. She'd get angry and watery eyes.

Yes. We tried to refrain from talking about "beautiful" or "princess" crap.

Aster told me that I was a princess because I have "big hair"
and she told me that she was not.

Then she cried for an hour.

I made a hair appointment for the next day, cut off about a foot of hair (I have it in a bag to send away for donation- win!win!) and got an asymmetrical purple bob.

It's short hair for both of us. "Big" hair is definitely overrated.

I feel like I'm placing mini-sized useless bandaids on gaping wounds, just hoping for one to stick.