Saturday, November 7, 2009


We haven't cut Judah's hair yet. Nope, not even a trim. We have no plans to in the near future. Just the thought of clipping off one of those curls makes me feel ill.

Since it's been working for us so far, I thought I'd share our haircare ritual.

We wash with shampoo about 1x per week. Most days, we wet his hair in the bath and put in gobs of conditioner. I do this right when he gets in, so it has lots of time to soak in.

We use this conditioner:

After it's soaked in for a few minutes, we comb out his hair with a wide tooth comb.
Then, we rinse. But, we barely rinse. Maybe two cups worth of water.

After the bath, we spray in lots of leave-in conditioner.
This is what we use:

We have a few ways to go after this. We either 1. are done and let his hair be big and free and beautiful, 2. add a big gob of medium hold hair custard to style it a bit, keeping those curls tighter and fabulous.
This is what I mean by hair custard:

OR, I spend some time twisting it up. It takes some time, but we LOVE his cute twists.
I usually twist it up on Saturday mornings and leave the twists in till about Tuesday or Wednesday. Later in the week we let his hair just be free and fun.

When his hair is in twists, we just spray the leave-in conditioner 2x per day (once in the morning and one time later in the day). We don't comb it. If something icky gets in it, we untwist and shampoo it up.

This routine has been working for us so far. What do you do differently? Any tips?

It's a few steps, but WELL worth every spritz and twist. When you have hair THIS unbelievably beautiful, you just HAVE to spend some time worshiping it.

Here Jude is with his bribe...

which is an important step when having a 2 year-old sit and get his hair done...

If you need more bribing ideas, the CARS movie also works well.


Theresa said...

You did a great job! I just arrived home from a hair workshop that our local salon hosted for all the adoptive families. I love talking hair and learning more about it. Great job again.

susan said...

Love you!

Lindy Young said...

Your system is very similar to ours, but somehow you were able to write it in about 75 percent fewer words. Plus, you only have three products? I have, like, six. I will say, my gal is in no mood to do twists. (Plus, I don't know ... they don't seem to come out right. Do you just take two pieces and twist them around each other?! I would LOVE a hairstyle that we could do on Saturday and take out on Tuesday! Although, with our beach lifestyle I don't know if that would ever work. Anyway, his hair looks friggin adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

We watch lots of you-tubes of Elmo when doing hair. We love the curley q products too. I love the gel that is pronounced jealousy. Judah is sooo cute!
~ Heather

Laura Ferry-Jimenez said...

ooooh, I just want to gobble up that cutie pie of yours! hopefully my husband and I will be adopting two boys (our wish) in the next year or two. ethiopia is on our short list so totally loved this post! :)