Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kwanzaa 1 (Unity)

We like honoring Judah's African heritage, we like the 7 principals, and we love celebrating his Ethiopian heritage/culture. So, we took Kwanzaa as another opportunity to do so. I watched The Black Candle for the first time (any time I get the chance to listen to Maya, I must), Judah got a great book about Kwanzaa from Auntie Nicole, and we went out to eat Ethiopian food with a great group of family and friends. We had fun. Kwanzaa has been officially added to our winter holiday festivities. So many ideas for next year! The holidays keep coming...New Year's, then Ethiopian Christmas on January 7th...I love winter!

Judah loves to share injera. Gursha.

Judah loves to eat injera.

Judah loves his family and friends.

More Christmas!

Christmas Morning

We had a wonderful Christmas morning. Jude LOVES presents and squeals with absolute delight when he is given one, during the opening process and obviously when he spies the goods. It's such joy to watch. We have videos also, but as I've previously mentioned, my tech department is slow (although writing this should speed it up a bit).
A friend told me while we were in Ethiopia, "I love Judah because he gets happier than anyone and more angry than anyone." Well 10+ months later, I still wholeheartedly agree with that. I'm like him in that way. My parents said when I was little I laughed so hard that I would turn red and choke. I was also the biter.
Yes, we are very much alike. Although most may disagree, I think it's a gift.
My sister has been in town the last week. She lives in Thailand. So, I've been busy/happy.

Here are Nicole and Andy AND Scarlett (if you look carefully in the middle). Scarlett has slept with them every night. She is not loyal.

Here's Jude opening his stocking. He was thrilled with his Christmas trucks.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Now I know what all the hoopla is about. Today I turn the big 33.
Our fam is busy doing last minute prep work for Christmas.
But I will use these developments as enticing tidbits to bring you back:
1. I have Judah laughing videos. His laugh is still spectacular. Tommy is our tech department. He has to do some magic to get the videos from the video camera to my computer. All complaints for the delay should be directly sent to him. I won't learn how. It's where I draw the line. Everyone needs limits.
2. We have a little itsy bitsy type of surprise in January. But, if all goes well with the surprise (which it very well may not), it may lead up to bigger surprises. I'm not telling ANYONE early. So don't try to call and/or write. It's top secret stuff. Yup, it's my birthday. I'll be a tease if I want to. Today I'm sassy. Old and sassy.

Merry Christmas Friends! 2 months ago I posted a picture of the five of us circa 1993. This is a picture of us a couple of days ago, 15 years later. I was going to do a side-by-side comparative presentation, but then I realized it is my birthday...and I value friendship. Although, I do genuinely believe we are much hotter now :) Yes, you didn't misread. I did just call us "hot"...It's MY birthday. Old and sassy...

Hope everyone's Christmas is full of light, magic and snuggles to spare!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Feelin' Gifty?

I love my Toms. You should love your Toms too. And this coffee is my favorite. Absolute favorite.
Here's the hard sell:
You should have Toms and Gobena Coffee in your life. NOW.
Here's the bonus:
For every pair of Toms sold, a pair will be given to a person in Ethiopia. Yes, Ethiopia.
Gobena Coffee is delicious, organic, fair-trade, and 100% of the profits go back to help children without families in Ethiopia. You read correctly. ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT. Yes, that is good.

Gobena Coffee
TOMS Shoes

*If you would like more fabulous gift ideas, peruse the adoption blogs. Many of these brilliant and organized bloggers have put together lists that are so fabulous you should call them your personal shoppers. Since I lack brilliance and organization, I just put up two favorites. Happy shopping!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I need Africa...

I love America. I do. But, we have been so lost in so many ways (e.g. quenchless consumerism). I like this reminder. We need Africa. We need to value Africa and all we can learn.

Thank you Joc :)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Last few weeks...

We had a blast spending the weekend with family in San Diego. Judah loves Sea World.

Below is a picture from San Diego of our niece Saoirse and nephew Darrigan.

My favorite conversation of the day:

Darrigan: Auntie, according to the map the Manatees are right here.
Me: Darrigan, what is a Manatee? (Really, since when do 3-year-olds know about maps and Manatees? I needed more information).
Darrigan: Well, Auntie, a Manatee is a sea animal that's kind of like (he pauses, looks up and brushes his hair out of his face in thought)...a walrus.
Me: Yes, Darrigan. I think you are right.

Hanging out at home.

Here Judah is just starting to blow me kisses. His eyes really do sparkle when he's giving good sugar.

Thanksgiving fun up in Arnold, CA. We stayed in one of my very favorite tiny gold rush towns called Murphy's. I don't want to brag, but we stayed in a hotel that a president once stayed in. President Grant that is. Also Black Bart and Mark Twain...and it hasn't changed a bit. We felt cool. Yup, doesn't take much.

Disney days during Christmas time are always a good thing.

Tonight we put up decorations and the Christmas tree. Notice Jude's brand new, hand made, super cute winter booties (our sweet neighbor just gave them to him)!

This last picture is all about me congratulating myself on completing a small project. It's not unheard of.
My new Christmas napkin rings. The pictures are of places that are close to our hearts (Mammoth, Bora Bora, Nagano, Addis Ababa, Paris, Hermosillo). I like them :)