Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do you like my tree?

This may look like "just" a tree. It isn't. Not to me.

On Earth Day 1993, my best friend and I planted this tree. We had been inseparable for about 10 years prior to the planting. At the time, we didn't know how much this tree would mean to us. We were given the tree at school. While discussing and debating what do to with it, we decided just to pull over and plant it. We had to move quickly, because we didn't want to get in trouble for unauthorized tree planting :)
It was less than a tiny twig. We tried to hide it a bit because we didn't want the gardener to mistake it for a weed.
A few years later, we noticed that someone had tied a stake to it. We were so happy that someone else cared, that it was important to him/her too.
Years later, the building went through a remodel. I was scared they would opt to remove the tree. They built around it.
Now, 16.5 years post planting, it's big and strong and beautiful and makes me happy every single time I see it. Some days, when I need to feel a little bit of love, I will purposely go out of my way just to drive by.
I could write a billion sentences about how the tree is a metaphor for everything in life. It is.
But, my simple thought today is that most trees are significant to someone...whether you planted it, chose it, sat under it while waiting to be picked up from school, watched it grow outside your house, played under it at the park, etc...

Do you have a tree? What's your tree story? If not, you should. Go plant one. They are fabulous
(so is my best friend).


Heather said...

Beautiful post! I do have a tree... several of them, actually. We gave everyone at our wedding, 13 years ago, tree seedlings to plant. There are beautiful pine trees growing in Cape Cod, Ohio, New York, New Jersey, Boston and Pennsylvania. Every time we visit one of our friends or family we get to see the trees. These trees are a symbol of our ever growing love for one another. We thought that by having our friends and family plant trees, they were helping us to plant our roots. You'll have to drive me by your tree some time! Have you taken Judah to see it yet?

Anonymous said...

I love your tree! And Jerry and I have a tree, too. It's a beautiful jacaranda that we planted in our back yard on our first wedding anniversary. We call it "The Tree of Love." Nearly 10 years later it is big and tall and strong and one day soon Jerry and Tyler will build a tree house around it. And it will become also known as "The Tree of Adventures."