Saturday, May 31, 2008

Today we went to the zoo...

and had a great time!

Judah saw lots and lots of dogs...big dogs, small dogs, striped dogs, and swimming dogs...Favorite moments included seeing the very tall giraffe "dog",

going underground with mommy (aka "dad") to see prairie dogs,

hanging out on his other dad's shoulders (tall "dad" is 6'6" so it's quite the thrill)

and seeing water.

Water in all forms is spectacular. We don't discriminate, waterfalls and water fountains are all good things.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Monday, May 26, 2008

Judah's favorite animal

Judah has been extremely camera shy, but in celebration of his 10 month birthday, we finally caught him.

*Did you hear it? If not, try again.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

For the love of Grandpa...

Yesterday Jude and I went to the mall. I hate the mall, but my social son does not. He thinks it's a spectacular place to flirt with women. So, we went.
On the way home, we stopped by Grandma and Grandpa's house. Judah thinks his Grandpa is the funniest person on earth (he's not alone). When I went to take Jude to leave, Judah grabbed his Grandpa is a very dramatic way and started to cry. I decided they needed another minute or two. So, a bit later, I tried again, with the same result (Mom was feeling REALLY great right now- and so was Grandpa- but I think in different ways). My super chill, cool babe was screaming his head off, leaning and crying crocodile tears all the way to the car. His grandparents heard the crying all the way in the house. They came out. Judah was crying and leaning and reaching as we pulled away. Grandpa broke his heart.

Here's some of the reasons why Jude thinks that Grandpa is the most fun...

Some recent happenings in the life of Jude...

Jude's Auntie Nicole came to visit him from Thailand...

Amy (Jude's pseudo sister, but more like Auntie) came from New York to visit him! He helped her celebrate her birthday...

He studied at JPL

and studied Daddy's face too.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Last Weekend...

Judah supported his mommy at her graduation!

Celebrated Debra's 40th birthday and graduation in 80's style!

and cheered on the Angels!

All proof that Judah is the VERY best friend anyone could EVER have :)

Mother's Day...2 year anniversary

Mother's Day began (prior to being commercialized with flowers, chocolate, and brunch) as a day for Mothers to advocate for peace and for mothers to speak out against the war (originally the civil war). There are parades and events to reclaim Mother's Day, as the root of the holiday is currently so pertinent. Today, I'm thinking about all of the mothers with sons overseas. I wish we all celebrated the holiday in the original/more meaningful way.
It feels so funny that now we celebrate by thanking people that are lucky enough to hold this title. To me it's like "Lottery Winner's Day", silly stuff... Don't get me wrong- I do enjoy being celebrated ... and there are so many inspiring mamas out there that I will be thinking of today!
The director of the adoption agency I worked with for our homestudy told me, "Mother's Day is very difficult for a lot of women." I know. Two years ago today I was having a miscarriage, one year ago today I was still paralyzed with fear that I might never be a mom (the adoption process is VERY emotionally tricky) - THAT was hard. That's when I needed a day. Those are some of the women that I'm thinking of today and I just wish I could give you/them all a hug and some reassurance that dreams of mommyhood can/will come true - and perhaps be that much more wonderful and every-moment-appreciated because of the struggle.

I wrote that on Mother's Day and never posted it. I'm not sure why, but I have a few ideas. I thought Mother's Day would be easy and fun this year. I really did. I thought that since I know I'm beyond blessed (I mean, have you met Jude? He is a way cooler than I ever could be. I'm just lucky he lets me hang with him) it would be just celebratory. But, I was heartbroken. Too sad for all the women out there that felt like I did. That struggle. So sad I just kind of felt like throwing up.

Our TV Star...

Jude is on KCET this month randomly. Bal Jagat's director, Hemlata, received the Hero of the Month award and there are a couple of clips of him on the segment about her. So, if you happen to be watching and think you see someone especially cute, you're right :)

In other news, Jude is talking! His favorite word is "dog"...Which is said very clearly and appropriately at least 10 times a day. Jude has shown this skill off to at least five people, so he has many witnesses to his greatness.
He's done so much these last few weeks. I'm going to post pictures/videos soon. I promise this time.

Technical Difficulties

I was having a lot of trouble loading, etc. Now it's better...just wanted you to know that I'm case you missed me ;)