Saturday, June 2, 2007

To descramble or not to descramble...

Last night was a Bunco Babes night (Tommy is not an official member of Bunco, so he was not present) and I told the girls about our exciting news. They were SO wonderfully supportive and, after a glass of vino or two, I was even offered "babysitting EVERY single day"...not too shabby! That is really going to make this whole parenting thing a lot easier :) Today, Scarlett (our Whippet) is going to meet potential BFFs. She feels really good about this and is keeping an open mind. Tommy's descrambling abilities are fairly perceptive. He was able to decode that I wanted a mini vacation, but urgency was not dually noted. I would like his company on a mini vacation in the next few weeks (e.g. camping over the weekend, a day in Santa Barbara or Laguna, etc.). Let's see if he can decode that :)

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