Thursday, June 14, 2007

the day Scarlett decided to beg (and even sit) for veggies*

Today was a busy bee day. I woke up at 5ish and have been groovin' ever since. Work is busy because I only have 1 1/2 days left. wooohoooo!!! I had a FIVE hour meeting after school (with lawyers which is always a blast...the treasures they are have a fancy way of making five hours seem like a million**) and I phone interviewed with an SLP for the hours I need (he was great, I will hopefully start next week...I guess against my better judgement, I will consider sticking with this profession)...AND we had our last homestudy meeting (I barely got home for it due to the meeting), which was painless. I can't believe we are all done with that part of the process. It seems too good to be true (I'm singing in my head, are you? Important note: I am not tone deaf when I hear it in my head. Well, I really didn't want to brag, but I am actually pretty darn good when I hear it in my head. I'm just not sure how to profit from it...yet). Back to our social worker...The last time she was over was in January, which really puts into perspective how long we were on hold for. So, we just need to visit our doctor, collect some more paperwork, notarize everything, wait for the homestudy report, get our fingerprints done, authenticate the documents, send $, wait for a referral, and then begin the next phase of waiting for Ethiopian court fun! See, we are almost there! Nothin' to this whole adoption gig!

*she previously was not fond of veggies. Therefore, we are obviously in search of a deeper meaning to explain her new passionate consumption of carrots and broccoli. She does not usually sit upon command, even for bacon. She finds it humiliating.

**although I do enjoy the company of a cute sister lawyer who does not make me sit in 5 hour meetings without wine.

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