Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Introducing ANABELLE!

We went to THE POLICE concert last Wednesday night AND I have a new horsey named Anabelle. She is very sweet and loving and just perfect (if she would just stop knawing away my favorite pieces of furniture. I'm hoping that coating our home with the bitter-anti-chew-dog-stuff is going to save our relationship). She also is not too keen on the stairs and takes quite a bit of coaxing (and pulling) to get her up them. As I write this, I fear she has found some close-to-my-heart, passed-down-for-generations, piece of furniture that she feels needs a corner freshing ground. But, I must take a ten minute horsey break!
Not much new on the adoption front. I picked up my notorized letters of employment and wrote another hefty check today. Hopefully, since I am not doing much else of a productive nature this summer (except for my national exam, which I am really looking forward to), I will be able to complete all of the adoption paperwork. Tomorrow is Tommy's surgery :(

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Nicole and Andy said...

I see Rodrigo has gotten to you too. Annabelle Lee has started to really enjoy giving love bites. And you will be happy to know she is a hunter, that fly hardly stood a chance.