Sunday, February 7, 2010


I adore my dad. I worship him to a fault. He's always been my rock, my support, the one I like to talk to about things that matter. He's Judah's favorite person. I completely understand why. I can't compete and don't even try.

Much of my adult life has been focused on children with autism. I more than enjoy working with this population. I find my work so gratifying and challenging and inspiring. I just LOVE LOVE LOVE those kids.

This past week this has been in the news. I'm infuriated that this "research" terrified so many, for so long. I'm just so angry. I wonder if the damage can ever be undone. So many dollars were spent trying to find the "link." Dollars and time that could have been spent in other ways- other ways that may have been able to help my little beautiful and perfect people.
And then there's the other side. Not just the loss in the world of autism (which is our world, because I think now we ALL are touched by autism).

The dangers of people not getting the MMR vaccination.
There are outbreaks.
They do have adverse effects.

My most terrifying childhood memory was when I was in late middle school. My mom was seriously sick. Daily, I lived with the fear of losing her. A real fear at the time.
When my dad got sick and spent many days in intensive care- I thought I might lose them both. It was a real fear. It was too much.
My dad was very, very sick.
He had the measles, complicated by pneumonia. It was scary.
I needed him.
With herd immunity, the measles are completely avoidable.

No one should have to lose someone they love to the measles. No little girl should have to worry about losing her dad to it.

I think a lot of people in my age group are so far removed from these horrible diseases, the reality of what they are capable of is distorted.
When Judah came home he didn't have proper immunity. He was vulnerable. All little babies are.
I need Judah.
Judah needs his Papa.
My kids at work need me.

Harm none.

*I'm NOT giving medical advice. Obviously. That's for peeps to discuss with their doctors. I'm angry about the "research." I'm angry that some people used that article as a reason NOT to get the vaccination.


Eastiopians said...

I was fuming about this yesterday too! I have also worked with people with autism (but not exclusively) for about 12 years. I love that we have that in common...they are spectacular, aren't they! And how very scary that you came so close to losing your parents at a young age.

Amy B. said...

So true, Danielle. Thanks for posting this.

Can you believe it! Today was the day that our trip to Ethiopia began. We were on our way to meeting each other and meeting our babies. Wow! Two years!! I am such a lucky girl to have made a friend like you...and for us to have made amazing memories together :)