Sunday, January 31, 2010


There are lots of different types of violets. All pretty.

Wild Violets

Wood Violets

Sweet Violets

African Violets

As a flower, Violet has a variety of meanings: love, modesty, virtue, affection, and faithfulness. Violets are fragrant and have heart-shaped leaves.

Violet is a combination of blue and red.
Red: focusing, dynamic, active energy
Blue: cooling, calming and expansive.
Violet represents harmony because it is a combination of red (yang) and blue (yin).

Can it get any better? Why, yes! Yes, it can.

Violet is the name of her great-great grandmother.

We don't know if it will be her first name or her middle name, but we are feeling certain about Violet. Plus, I love nicknames and Violet can easily be shortened to Vie (French for "life").

Yes, HER.

*It should be carefully noted that none of the reasons for loving Violet include Ben or Jen. Lovely people, I'm sure. We've always loved the name. It has been our girl name for as long as I can remember. When Jen was pregnant and it was rumored that her girl would be named Violet...oh, I was NOT happy. I'm over that and now I am able to embrace that they just have good taste also :)


Jocelyn said...

LOVE IT!!!!! I can't wait:-)

Ladybugs appear said...

WOWZA, WOWZA, WOWZA. I LOVE IT. YEAH. YEAY and YIPEEE. Life and Liv - they will have a connection. Congrats girl.

Heather said...

That sounds like a perfect name for Judah's SISTER!!!!!! Love it! Love it!

Eastiopians said...

What an beautiful name! Oh, I am just so very happy that you guys are going to expand your love to a little girl and how much she will enrich your lives!!!! And how amazing Judah will be as a big brother. Yay yay yay!

Sarah said...

I like it...very sweet! I am excited for you to have a girl :)

Amy B. said...

That is a beautiful name. Can't wait to see the beautiful Violet that is going to become part of your beautiful family. So excited for you guys.

Lindy Young said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! WOO HOO!! I must say, girls rock.

Soooo happy for you.


Rebecca said...

Such exciting news!! Love the name. And I didn't even think of Ben and Jen. I will only think of your little girl when I hear the name "Violet" :)