Monday, February 8, 2010


Judah is a bit obsessed with these creatures. I think he must have overheard a story about them. He thinks they are outside. He thinks they are in the fireplace. He thinks they might get him or his mama.
Today we are going to the zoo to look at REAL coyotes. I'm hoping that after he sees them, the fear might subside?

Judah has already planned the zoo itinerary. The itinerary includes zebra, giraffe and gorilla viewing. There was a specific request for NO COYOTES. Wish us luck.

*Update: The two lovey coyotes recently passed away, so there were no coyotes to view. I showed him baby coyotes on google images and he seemed to like em. At the zoo he called a fox a "baby coyote" and said he wanted to "take it out." I'm hopeful (but not convinced) that the coyote fear has diminished.

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Dad said...

LOL! Oh Little Dude, you're so silly. I'm pretty sure this all started with the coyote from "Phoebe & Chub." It is by far his favorite character in the story ... and he seems to enjoy just saying it. Not sure where the fear came from, though. Hopefully this fixes it!