Sunday, February 28, 2010


This weekend was very busy. On Saturday morning we went to a birthday party at the batting cages. It's very important that I remember how much I love the batting cages. I've wasted a lot of time during the last 20 years not practicing my swing.

From there we went to Little Ethiopia for our monthly meet up. I'm talking about the monthly meet up we've managed to miss every single month. It was our first. I'm hooked. Those folks just make me happy. They make Tommy happy. They make Judah VERY happy.

Judah decided that Julie was his very best friend. Unfortunately, I believe he MIGHT be a tad bossy with his best friends.

I think Judah's favorite thing in the world is to be tickled by sparkly-eyed Meazi. Oh, and when Ms. Tunsitu changed positions in the ring-around-a-rosie circle JUST to hold hands with still my heart. We can't stop true love people!
Not to mention Mimi. She has so much pure coolness that I find myself just following her around.

Beautiful babies. Too many to list. Hooked.

After our lunch, we drove down to the beach to visit friends. During the drive Tommy asked, "could you type a FB message for me?"
I typed it.
He directed, "add an exclamation point after 'adorable'."
I made the change and sent "Your children are adorable! It was great to see you and meet your husband."
You get why this made my heart dance, right?

We spent the night at our friends house (Judah LOVES sleep overs). This morning our friend was making a huge breakfast extravaganza (too nice). I overhear Tommy tell his friend, "Oh, I think your baby just pooped. I'll change her." He then did so- with NO hesitation.
My heart danced again.

It's just those little/huge things.


Ladybugs appear said...

It's a must to see you all there every month. We need the Judah energy!!!!!!!!

susan said...

Wonderful post! Love you!!