Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Judah Day!

Exactly two years ago today, we met the love of our life. Our Judah. His contagious laugh, smile and spirit have filled our hearts with more joy than I will ever be able to express. Judah has brought his family so much goodness, we are just so lucky. We are all celebrating; two years ago today, we became a family.

The day we met Judah was, unequivocally, the best day of our lives.

You have given us more love and laughter than we could have possibly imagined. You were magic from the start. You touch hearts everywhere you go. Every single person who knows you is grateful because of it.

Daily, people comment about you to me. Comments about your soulful laugh. Your beautiful energy. On Monday, while you were laughing and squealing with delight over the Orangutans, a mother commented that you were "such a good reminder of how we should all live." I get comments like this all the time, because that's what you do. You constantly remind people of the best. The best feelings. Your curiosity, amazement, and cheer are inspirational. I've never met anyone like you. I know I never will. I feel so grateful to be your mama. By example, you teach me how to be better. You teach the best lessons in life.

Your birth mama is also thinking of you today. As she does every day. She would be so very proud of the little man you are becoming. Smart, sweet and just a very kind person. Much of your good comes straight from her. Your laugh, your smile, the way your soul shines from your eyes. She put the love in your bones for you to keep forever. She gave you many gifts. I'm so grateful I get to share them with you.

We love you Judah. More than we ever thought possible. I'm so proud of you...your strength, love, light and legendarily fabulous laugh.

With more love than I could ever express in one lifetime,


Jocelyn said...

I love this and I love Judah!! (oh and you guys too)

silent democracy does not work said...

Happy Gotcha Day! XOXO Nana

Nicole said...

So sweet!

Julie said...

Happy Judah Day! He truly is magical.

Eastiopians said...

The birth mama part got me. Tears. Beautiful post!

Ladybugs appear said...