Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mama Fail

I had high hopes for today. I had big plans. I spent my lunch finding, what I thought, was really cool material for a new pair of Judah pants. For dinner I had huge doro wat making plans.

Ok, so before I call it a fail, I'll skip to the end. I'm holding a pair of pretty cute pants that I just finished and we have lots of yummy leftover doro wat. It wasn't a total loss.

I came home and decided to cook. I've heard it's a big deal not to burn doro wat, so I felt compelled to stir. To stir a lot. Judah felt compelled to be sad that I was being a bad mama and just ignoring him. He spent half the process looking at me with those big sad watery eyes. During the second half of the process, he was just mad. I felt horrible during the entire process and Judah was obviously unimpressed with me. As a working mama I SHOULD be more attentive when I'm with him, right? I agree. So does Judah. As if to rub it in, I made the dish too spicy for him. I suck. Yes, I do.

After dinner, I showed him the super cute material that I was so thrilled about. Judah told me,

"I don't like it. Take it back to the store. Put it in the bag. Take it in the car. Throw it away." Yes, he suggested ALL of those options.

I explained, "But Judah I'm going to make you super awesome pants with the material."
He explained, "It's not my style. I don't like it. Take it back to the store. Put it in the bag. Take it in the car. Throw it away."

Judah would have been much happier if I would have just ordered pizza and played cars with him.

Ever try to do everything right and just end up doing everything wrong? It was one of those days.
One day I'm going to figure out how to do this mama business right..one day...


Ladybugs appear said...

i so get it. you're doing an amazing job. just look at Judah, he'll remind you but it does suck when intentions does work to the results you envision. xoox.

Anonymous said...

Ugh! I've had those days, too. But you know what, it wasn't a "fail" it was a reminder. A reminder that a 3 year old's expectations are far different from ours. We just have to remember that they've got the right idea - we have to alter our expectations of ourselves and look at things from their perspective. Pizza and cars is a perfect way to spend time! :)

Take care!

P.S. I would love to follow you on your Violet journey. You can email me at jfoss1@roadrunner.com

Nana said...

Judah will also learn how to spend mama time too. It's all good! XOXO love Nana.