Saturday, January 23, 2010


I've thought a lot about charities. Which ones I like to support. Especially right now, when my heart feels so heavy and aches for the people of Haiti.

There is no doubt that UNICEF has done a lot of good work for children who desperately need it.

I disagree with their stance on international adoption.

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What do you think?


Eastiopians said...

Yes, it is so sad what is happening in Guatemala. UNICEF swings too far on the pendulum in my opinion. Of course international adoption should be the last resort (I don't know of a single adopting family that would disagree) but it DOES need to be an option when nothing else is currently working (which UNICEF doesn't seem to believe, maybe I am wrong). Children need families (not being stuck in institutions). So I hear ya.

Amy B. said...

I think you are right that UNICEF had done a great deal of good. However, I think that they are far too legalistic and unrealistic about the magnitude of the orphan crisis. Children should be allowed to stay in their birth country, children shouldn't have to bury their parents, parents shouldn't have to give up their children in desperation. But, the reality is that all of the above is repeated millions of times over. Every adoptive parent should ALWAYS want their adoption to be ethical and with full consent of the birth family...and I am glad that their are organizations that try to insure that (including UNICEF). But, they take their stance too far. Adoption should be part of the solution...not the entire solution.