Saturday, January 16, 2010

Judah's First Movie Review

Tonight Judah went to his FIRST movie theater movie. He laughed his great belly laugh, kicking his feet and throwing his head back at the good parts. When the music played, he enthusiastically snapped his fingers.

He loved it.

We decided that we needed to document his thoughts and feelings.


Sarah said...

Melt my heart…that was so adorable. The sweetness is overwhelming. I LOVE it!

Eastiopians said...

I am amazed! He is so incredible! Smart, cute, talkative! Wowza!!!!


Nicole said...

Too cute!!!!

Jocelyn said...

Oh my goodness, Judah, if I hadn't seen it already, I would have run out immediately...what a great review and could you be any cuter?? I think not!!

silent democracy does not work said...

I've missed him. Could Judah be any more entertaining? Hilarious. What fun! You are really developing his unique talents-love and hugs. Nana.

Amy B. said...

He is so precious. Great movie review, Judah. I will ALWAYS get your opinion on a film before I see it now :)

I am so heartbroken over Haiti too. It has affected me in a very profound way. I find it hard to think of any thing else.