Saturday, July 4, 2009

White. Black. Brown.

Include the next ring of our family circle and the diversity continues to flourish. We are Athiest, Agnotic, Bahai, Catholic, Christian, Wiccan. We are right and left and nonpartisan. We are materialistic and against materialism. We are vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters. Hippies and loyal trend followers.
But, we are ALL wordy. Discussions are had. Ideas are expressed. I'm proud to be in this group.
I've been asked why I love to travel. Why would I take a tot who is too young to "get anything" from the experience?

After one day in Germany, I am more set in my travel ways than ever before. Judah IS "getting something" from the experience. In some ways more than I am.

Tommy and I have traveled to a few dozen countries. We are comfortable traveling. It's our recess and our growth. We are completely awake and alive when we travel. It's when I can live more clearly because it is all I am doing. People watching. Learning. Eating every bite intentionally.
Judah is too. He's watching people. He's making friends. He's learning that the ways he's been shown are not the only ways. He's trying new foods. It's all going into his spongey brain that hasn't yet been hardened. It's the big things and the small ones. It was completely normal for him to sit in a Bavarian restaurant where we shared a table with former strangers. I want it to always be "normal."
It's now 2:50 AM. The time change is hard. So I heard my Judah wake up at 1:15. I pretended like I was sleeping, hoping he'd change his mind and go back to sleep. Judah watched me silently for about 40 minutes. I watched him out of the corner of my eye. I knew he wouldn't wake me. Judah is too polite for that. He would have waited for hours. After 40 minutes I had to give him a squeeze. He just goes with the flow while traveling. At home he would have been angry if I dared to give him milk in the morning out of a non-favorite cup. Here in Europe he's breezy. A straw out of any cup is great.
Jude is the best travel companion a girl could ever ask for. I believe he likes traveling. I believe it's good for him and enriches his life.
Celebrating diversity, people and life is important and Judah is good at it :)

We stopped in Philly on the way to Munich, here's Judah havin' a blast at the Liberty Bell.

and us.

Judah knows where he wants to go!

He loves people watching, too!


Karen said...

Have fun on your travels! Your words are lovely as always.

msl said...

Yep, Judah sure looked like he was enjoying the Liberty Bell ; )
Have fun in Germany!!!

Eastiopians said...

I love that he travels with you.....or that you both travel with him. :)

Nicole said...

Have a great adventure!
Love you three!

Lori said...

Love this post and the pictures! Enjoy the ride Judah, you have awesome travel guides and life guides to lead you!

jen said...

this is one of my favorite things that you've written. Have a fantastic trip!

J'Laine said...

Have a wonderful vacation! I feel the same way...we love to travel and take Simret along for the adventure! He is getting something out of it and enjoying his parents that are relaxed and don't have to work or get caught up in the tasks of daily living...that is one of my favorite things about traveling!
miss you guys...have some wonderful adventures together!