Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How To Pick Up Women In Krakow

I love traveling with Judah. He makes friends with everyone he sees. Especially the pretty ladies. He has a very specific formula when it comes to picking up the ladies.
Here is Judah's formula:
Step 1:
Scan the Main Square (Judah's favorite location). Find the target lady or group of ladies (always preferable).
Step 2:
Run at them full speed and cut them off. This makes them stop for step 3.
Step 3:
A polite little wave while flashing the best smile (lots of times a laugh escapes, because it's too much fun to make lovely Polish girls stop and pay attention to you).
Step 4:
Finish it off by grabbing their hand to see if they'll go on a little stroll with you.
Step 5:
Show them either your shoes or point out that your stroller has wheels to further impress them.
Step 6:
If your "Mine" takes you away, just start the flirt process again and again.

This formula has such a scientifically proven high success rate, you really should be paying for this information.

Note: This technique is also equally effective in Prague, just add an "Ahoj!" Czech women like that.


Eastiopians said...

LOL! I love that he is showing of his wheels on his smoothe ride. Such a guy! :)

Dad said...

Mine, you forgot that it's also okay to grab a waitress' behind with BOTH hands at the same time! (Please keep in mind this technique has only been tested by someone under two years old.)

msl said...

Aaawww Judah you little flirt you!!

msl said...

Just read what your Dad posted!! LOL!! NOW that's a technique! You go Judah!!

Jocelyn said...

That Judah is a smooth guy...he should write a book:-) Love him!!