Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Every. Single. Time.

I'm ever upset emotionally, a bug gets me. I have a terrible cold :(
Worse news: Judah does also.
Better news: We got a new camera! Tommy has taken more pictures in the last week than we've taken during the last 10 years combined. When I'm less gross, I'm going to post a ton of them. There's some cute cuteness to share. A lot of it.
Last weekend we went to Flagstaff for my nephew's 4th birthday!
I'll post pictures of those cousin cuties too.
Fun news: Next week we are going to Europe.
Good news: I just got a new job that's only 2.3 feet away from Judah's amazing daycare. The awesome proximity makes me happy. Leaving my old job makes me VERY sad (which I think is another reason for my sniffles).

Since Judah and I are sick of hanging around the house, we are headed to the zoo. Don't worry, Judah has already placed tissues in the trunk of his stroller car.


msl said...

Hope you both are feeling better or at least had some fun at the Zoo!

What are you going to be doing next year?

Danni and Tommy said...

Still a speech-language pathologist, just working in a district near Tommy and Judah...

J'Laine said...

Hope you two get to feeling better! Sorry about all the stress lately. I hope you enjoy your new job and that they appreciate what a wonderful S-L pathologist they are getting! I am still sad about the last post...and hope your broken heart heals rapidly!
give the boys a big hug and kiss from me!

LISA said...

Hope you all feel better soon.Can't wait to see more pics!