Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Now they can tell I'm expecting!

Today I was in Babies R Us obsessing over strollers (you know, big vs. small and features vs. weight). I made a few BFFs there (at least in my mind) who were offering me advice, such as pros/cons, etc. Finally a brave woman asked, "Are you pregnant?"- so I cheerfully explained, "No, I'm adopting!" My new best friends happily cheered and I felt such a real part of the "almost mom" club. It's a really really fun supportive club. I was hooked.
I came home today to a package waiting for me. I LOVE packages (even when I know that inside is a book I ordered for myself). But, I hadn't ordered anything. Inside was this fabulous t-shirt. I am going to wear it every single day. After one little taste of the club, there is no turning back. I'm advertising.
The shirt was from one of my real BFFs, Christa...who is even way more supportive and fun than the Babies R Us crowd.
Oh, and yesterday when I was feeling impatient and anxious, I dyed my hair really dark. It was an impulse move. I forgot to ask the Babies R Us group how they felt about it. They are good with advice.


Drew Carey Show said...

Judah is so so precious! Thanks for your post on our blog. If you're talking about the cute, curly haired brunette, her name is in fact Heather, although her married name starts with an E. I'm going to email her your blog now! Congrats on your referral! Zoe was just 10 weeks old when we got our referral too! July 11 -- just 10 days older than Judah! Which agency are you guys with? Emailing Heather now...

Karen said...

I love your t-shirt! I have one that says expecting from Ethiopia, and I wear as often as I possibly can get away with.

We were looking at strollers a few weeks ago, but since we don't have a referral yet, we decided to not buy one yet. Did you figure out which one you'll get yet? It's a rather tricky business, isn't it?