Sunday, October 7, 2007

How it happened...

I was at school with children. My cell phone was in my pocket and went off. I reached in and turned it off instantly. Less than a minute later it rang again. Convinced it was important, I looked to see it was CHI! Well, since our dossier arrived just a few hours earlier THAT SAME DAY, I was convinced she had a paperwork question. So, I quickly told someone to take the children for a moment. I answered the phone to "I have a boy for you! He is just three weeks old. And he's cute as a button." I instantly started crying, so the rest is quite blurry. I then started calling Tommy. He wasn't answering. I even texted 911 (I was desperate people)! I obviously left school instantly. I needed to see my little one immediately! On the way home I was able to get a hold of Tommy and he said he would try to get home as soon as he could, but it would probably be around 4...Well, it was only 1:30 ish. I asked him the obvious question "When did you change jobs from a graphic designer to a heart surgeon?" Unless it was life and death?
When I got home I ran upstairs, opened my email account, and stared at the new message, from our agency, titled REFERRAL. I couldn't open it up and see our baby for the first time without Tommy. I called our agency to see if she had ANY bit of additional information. She said that he was actually 10 weeks old. At this point I didn't really see a difference between 3 weeks and 10 weeks. I HAD A BABY BOY! (see how breezy I've become in Fall). So I stared for a good hour or two. When I couldn't take it anymore, I decided to pretend to do errands. Finally I went to the craft store. I made my mom meet me and bought the letters for his name, JUDAH. When Tommy and I finally met at home, we opened the pictures...Seeing my baby for the first time was the most amazing feeling of my life...such intense love instantly. During the past week I have been busy staring at him- and when I am not, I've registered, decorated the letters of his name for his room, read books on how to take care of him, and shopped for him. I am completely obsessed. Oh, and if you stare at him, he gets cuter and cuter and cuter, until you just have to take a break from all of his cuteness, because it drives you insane (this is not just my experience, but scientific data collected from Tommy, my mom, dad and me). Not an exact quote from them, but still the gist. I will post pictures of his letters (which turned out mostly ok, considering it was a 2 a.m. project after having a couple of glasses of wine), his bedding, and of us seeing our baby Jude for the first time!
By the way, this post was inspired by Lori. My sister moved to Thailand, I need someone to tell me what to do before Jude gets here and takes over...thanks! :)


Lori said...

Well it's about time!! I've been stalking your blogsite everyday waiting for "the story"!! Love it! I honestly don't know how you can even sleep knowing about your little peanut - wine will help - especially red!

What torture for you to have to wait for your hubby to come home! Ugh! I'm still in shock that this all happened - unreal. You know the courts are open, right? Is the agency giving you any feedback on travel date ranges? It will/better be this year, right! :)
What a wonderful early Christmas gift. Now, time to get the show on the road with you shots and finding a GOOD adoption pediatrician. I heard of a local gal who just went to her local pediatrician after they came home and the Dr. never did a Hep. A test on the child. Turned out that her husband got Hep. A from the child right afterward and had to be quaranteened (sp?) for like a month!

Oh, the other day I found this study published online by an adoption pediatrician. It is the first study done on the health of adopted Ethioipian children. It basically said that Ethiopian children are exceedingly more healthy, mentally and physically than children from Guat., China, and Russia!!!! Whoa!
If you want, I can send the link. I'm rambling now - Perhaps I need some wine to calm down!

Dustin & Amy said...

Congratulations on the news of your sweet little boy! He is definitely very cute.

I found you site through the web of links from others...glad I did to share in your happy news!

All the best


Jocelyn said...

I agree with the scientific data. It is happening over here too...I think you should tell Tommy to publish his studies..I will send my data as well:-) What a great story, I am amazed you were able to wait, I don't know if I could have!! Did you hear anything today??? I hope so because I want to travel together:-)

Jocelyn said...

That stinks that you didn't get a date. I was really hoping to meet you guys:-( The very good news is that it is moving faster then Lisa thought so I bet you will get one within the week of mine. You will get your sweet boy home very very soon!!