Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Do you think we look alike?

The first time my parents saw Jude's picture, they had the same reaction, "He looks like you did as a baby!" I thought this reaction was very funny. So, to end all doubt, my mom emailed me this picture of myself as a baby. My first reaction was that Jude is SO much cuter than I was. But, we do have a similar brow (I love his little brow. I think it's much easier for a boy to pull off the distinct brow). My mom says we have the same brow and lips. All I know is that he is meant to be in our family and I love him more than everything.

I apologize, although I'm a somewhat dedicated blogger, I am NOT a formatting specialist...yet.


Anonymous said...

Which one would you rather have as a referral? There, I commented. You happy?

Danni and Tommy said...

The answer is obvious. We could never wish for a more beautiful, more perfect baby.