Saturday, June 11, 2011

Home for One Week

I already feel like I have too much to say. The last two weeks have been some of the best of my life. I am on a honeymoon. So completely in love with each member of my family. Even the ones that aren't at their most lovable.

Enough about me.
Let me get started on talking about the one. The one that looks like a super model yet seems to carry all the wisdom of the universe. Oh, yes. That one. Not the one that recently was referred to as the PreK class clown.

I have heard so many things about how differently children behave when they get home. All I truly knew about Aster was how she was reacting or my interpretation of how she was reacing in a certain environment (the orphanage). I just reread what I have written and what others have written about her.
Same. All of it's the same.
Now she's just a lot lot happier. That's the short answer.

Aster is the most beautiful soul in the world. She is thoughtful and compassionate and sweet and loving and fun. Oh, and my favorite part. Here it comes. Wait for it. Please be excited for me. Aster. is. a. mommy's. girl! I know. It's really, really good. I knew you wouldn't be disappointed.

I can say, and truly mean, with all of my heart, that I love Aster as much as I love Judah. It takes all of my strength not to chew them up. Yes, she is more chicken wing and he is more pudding pie, but both are just too delicious. Now, everyone that has even briefly met me, knows how much I love Judah. I'm obsessively in love with him. Therefore, this next statement I've questioned sharing. I only share this because I know other adoption mamas might find it interesting. My attachment to Aster is much quicker and easier than it was with Judah. Judah and I are in a very good place, but his attachment to me is something I continue to work on.

Not that it's easy breezy with Aster. Nope. There is true and significant grief. There is fear. There are places that I'm just starting to be allowed to see. There is much I don't understand and just hope I someday may. But...

I'm completely in love with my magical girl.

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