Sunday, June 12, 2011

From my babies...

He may or may not have any idea what he's doing, but he hits on my friends. Tommy's friends. His friends. Judah explained the situation to me, "I need my girls."
Yes. I'm afraid for our future. Very afraid.
Yesterday's example:

to a very pretty friend (who happens to be in her thirties), "I want to comb your hair in the bath."

Judah says incredibly sweet things also:

Last night before bed, "Daddy, lie on my pillow because I want it to smell like you."

I feel like a broken record, but she really is the most generous person on earth.
Friday was her birthday.

while insisting I take her last bite of birthday cookie/ice cream,
"mama PLEASE try"
Aster, it's YOUR birthday. You already gave me lots of bites. I want you to eat it. We are celebrating you. I want you to be happy.
"but mama, I'm already sooo happy!"

She's also very funny. Both intentionally and not.

With a very disgusted look on her face, "I don't want to eat frog" (after thinking we said "froggies" instead of "pierogies").

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Eastiopians said...

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter! You have such amazing kiddos. :)