Thursday, April 7, 2011

Picking myself up

Yesterday was tough. Our paperwork wasn't submitted to Embassy. Again.
What does this mean?
We will have to wait another week to see if we will be submitted. Another Wednesday. Wednesdays are now very hard days. I get the "not the news you are hoping for" phone call, fall down (which has the added struggle of being done without Judah noticing), followed by the infinitely more difficult challenge (darn gravity) of picking myself up again.
A few days after we are eventually submitted, the US Embassy will let us know if we are clear to make an appointment or if they require more paperwork. Well, that's if people are working (you've heard about the government shutdown possibility, right?).
You know what makes life a lot better when you are super sad because you want your child home?
Friends. Friends that come over and make you fish tacos (from fish they caught) AND two types of salsa and guacamole too. Or the ones that let you walk in a daze at the aquarium all day after they buy you a peach margarita (and even use their guest pass on your sorry butt).
You know what else makes me feel better?
Judah. He is hysterically funny all the time.
Judah, don't fall asleep right now, ok babe?
(We were 1 minute away from our destination).
He opened his eyes and in a very level and calm voice he explained:
"Me closing my eyes should have answered your question. Kids need to rest sometimes. You should know that. I was closing my eyes so you should know I need to rest."

Funny baby.


lindyyoung said...

Ugh. Well, the good news . . . it's already Friday. AFTERNOON. Not even counting the time zone differences, you're two days away from a bad wednesday and only four days away from a potentially great one. Other than that, hang tight.

And I personally have all but given up not crying in front of Dessi. I just miss her dad. It's been FOUR months. More than. I want him home, and sometimes it makes me so, so sad. Last time, she saw my tears (really for no reason) and said, "are you sad mama?" and I said yeah and explained why. ANd she said, "OK. But I can make you happy now!"

And she did.

I know some peole have kinda unhealthy relationship swith their kids where they lean on them in ways they're just not meant to be leaned on. But I don't think any of this is that. Mamas get sad. Any rational person would. But as Dessi says, we can be sad and happy at the same time. And I know you are that and I am thinking of you SO much and checking in all the time and I can really see that you're really close to some good solid peace.

xoxo Lindy

Maureen said...

I would love to take you to Santa Monica for a glass of wine and a nice walk :-)

And Judah kills him!!!