Friday, December 10, 2010

Thoughts about marriage...

Judah has been doing research lately. Research on marriage. He's interested.

"Mommy, are you and daddy married?"
"Why did daddy marry you?"
I think because he loves me.

A few days later...

"I'm going to ask D* to marry me."
Do you think you're a little bit young?
Shrugs with disgust at my silly question and says, "No. I just keep getting bigger and bigger."
Where will you live?
"Look at how high these ceiling are! We live here."
So you are going to ask her?
Misunderstands the last two words for his sister's name (BIG hint if you've been wondering what A stands for) and gets emotional, "NO! D is going to marry ME, not A."

The next day...

"D, will you marry me?"
She replied, "Thank you."

At daycare, he was overheard inviting her to his home in Africa. I can't believe my little gentleman has his first mini crush.

*D is the cutie in the train/snow pictures a few posts below.

Have I mentioned that we are leaving for Ethiopia in FOUR days to meet our daughter? Yes, 4.

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