Sunday, December 12, 2010

I broke.

My auto-pilot broke. Thoughtless tasks are now challenge-filled. Last week I found myself a few miles past work. A few miles. NOT an exit. I tried to fill a prescription. A three step process. I've counted. Check in, wait, get prescription. I only completed the first two steps before I got distracted and left.
My favorite (albeit the most discouraging) part is that it took me a few hours to realize that I had failed the task. Tomorrow I will try again. I only have one more try before I leave.

I think I might be nervous. I'm pretty sure.

2 days. TWO.


one + one said...

So excited for you. Hope those nerves turn to pure excitement when you get on that plane. :)

Nana said...

Just a little word of advice: find your "happy song" and keep singing it. Love triumphs all. You are really "rock solid" and just have to get comfortable with it. Enjoy, and I'll see you when you return.XOXO Nana.

Anonymous said...

The brain going to mush...I totally get that. When I am really stressed, then I am a complete idiot. I lack the ability to have conversation or remember to put on deodorant. It is totally normal for you to be at that point right now. I am so flippin excited for you guys!!!! EEEEE!!!!!
Big big hugs from me.

hollysue said...

That is really funny. I hope everything just falls into place, so you won't have to even think much:)

Sharon said...

Oh, I remember that feeling--excited but my brain went wacky! I remember standing at the pharmacy trying to get a million things and I couldn't figure out what I was doing. Thankfully one of the pharmacist's said, "you must be so excited!" and really I was thinking that they all thought, "how in the world did she get approved to adopt!"

Blessings on your travel!
Sharon (another IAN mom)