Monday, April 27, 2009


We've been busy around these parts. Super busy. All good things. I have 8 weeks left of work before summer vacation. I LOVE summer vacation. Everything about it. Super hot weather. Rafting (as I've mentioned, I'm EXTREMELY talented, it's hard to express the enormity of the talent. It's a gift, really. Everyone sane that's witnessed, is aware of the gift). Mojitos. Vacation. Beach. Baby birthdays. Sister will be home from Thailand. Just a lot of fun.
But the Spring is good too. THIS Spring has been fabulous.
For example:
Last night I was singing to Jude some bedtime type songs.
I'm tone-deaf.
Pathetically off-key*
I'm actually thinking that my singing is the reason that Judah prefers for dada to put him to bed. Dada doesn't sing. Well, he sings MUCH better and much more often than I do. But the dada/Jude duo have a different sleep-time ritual. I would tell you about it, but I'm not invited.
So let me get back to last night. Since I can't/don't sing, I don't have a lot of good material. SLIM slim pickins. We start with Twinkle, which sometimes, I rock. I even have a second verse:
Judah, Judah is the best
Better babe than all the rest
I love him, love him all the time
I'm so glad you're all mine
(I provided the lyrics in case you wanted to use it. No credit needed. ALL yours, just change the name if you desire).
Ok, so I've got Twinkle, Twinkle and the awesome second verse change-up deluxe.
The ABCs and If You're Happy.
After this I'm out. I've heard some amazing parents perform Moon River. I could spend the rest of my life dedicated to only learning Moon River and would still fail.
Last night I was inspired. It hit me suddenly and I felt hopeful. Row Row Row Your Boat. OBVIOUSLY. It's a NEW song, LIKE Moon River, but different. Almost the same.
I know ALL the words. Seriously. I thought, I can sing that (not well, but I felt it could be done).
So I started singing.
Guess what?
Jude started singing too.
WHAT? Please understand, that's not one of our tunes. Investigative work had to be done.
I quickly called PAPA (Jude's grandpa).
"You put Jude to sleep a week ago, that Friday night, when we went to that top secret all-you-can-eat Sushi place. Did you sing to him?"
Mind you, I get my nonexistent musical talent straight from my father. He messes up the tune of the ABC song. Every. Single. Time. NJK.
Papa replied, "Yeah, I sang to him for a REALLY long time."
Me: "What did you sing? You don't know any songs."
Papa: "I sang ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR BOAT over and over and over again"

Listening to Jude sing is the BEST sound I've ever hear. It's fabulous. I just fear that we need to get better instructors. Soon. If you're one of those Moon River knowing people, please stop by.

*Proof: When I was in High School Drama (yes, drama) we had an assignment to sing a song. Any song. I went to the teacher and explained that I would fail and asked for an alternate assignment. She didn't care. I sang. After I sang she said in front of the class, "You REALLY CAN'T sing can you?" and laughed. Then the class laughed. Good times.


msl said...

So cute! Judah's rocking the house!
I LOVE the sound of sweet little voices singing!! Tessa has a little play microphone and she babble-sings into it while swaying to her own little 'song'. Melts my heart every time!
I can't hit a note to save my life either! Oh yes, the dogs do howl when I'm singing.

Amy Bottomly said...

I love when Silas sings along too!

And I can't believe the high school drama story... thats one of those memories that doesn't go away! Wounds... high school wounds. :)

Nicole said...

Poor Judah, subjecting him to yours AND dad's singing...Let mom and I teach him New York New York. We can REALLY belt that out, but only in the car...