Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Good Reason to Celebrate

I LOVE Earth Day! It might be my favorite. Yes, it's decided. It is my favorite. I think it's Judah's also :)

Quick Judah update:
Judah is now talking up a storm.
Warning: He's b.o.s.s.y. He is still the sweetest muffin ever, but he'll grab your hand and insist on going for a walk. Don't worry he'll remind you to put on shoes (both yours and his) and bring the bubbles.
Tip: You better treat his mama right. Prepare to get yelled at if you brush Scarlett (whippet) hair off of me or try to cut a tag off of my shirt (hitting, even if it's gently and going at his mama with scissors are BIG "no NO" moves). Don't even think about tossing a stuffed animal my way. Dada has had to learn the hard way. Judah has no issue with putting dada in his place. I don't even want to talk about the lesson the dentist had to learn.
Judah is also into fashion. Seriously. He loves to accessorize. Judah insists on seeing himself in the mirror after he's dressed. Jude CARES what he wears and will NOT settle for wearing something he deems uncool.
It's funny, Jude is such a mix of his dada and I.
His interests are ALL dada. They both LOVE cars and shoes. They both HATE mess and like to order things.
Mama doesn't understand order, cars or shoes.
But, his personality. ALL mama. We both LOVE to laugh and do it often. We also both get very mad if someone wrongs us (like if someone were to take our food away before we finish- we are serious about food) but are usually quick to forgive.

In other news:
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! for sending me pictures. They are too adorable for words. If you haven't yet AND you would like to, please send them in soon. I know Jude will think it's fabulous to see himself in a book. I think your child will love it too.


Nicole said...

Auntie doesn't understand order either, I'll have him fixed in no time. 7 more weeks!

Amy B. said...

I love this little sneak peak into the life of Judah :)

I am also so excited about the book. Thanks so much for the offer you made via Jocelyn. I am thinking of how I want to do things, but I will for sure let you know.

We miss you guys. Wish we could see you sometime in the near before Judah and Nathan head off to college :)


susan said...

He gave me such a sweet hug today, I'll overlook the mean look yesterday. His mean looks are so hilarious! I wish we could get a snapshot of them, but you see them, and then they're gone!
I love him!
We had a nice dinner, thanks.

J'Laine said...

I love the Judah updates! I love that he is your protector; even against his Dada. I am also curious to know about the dentist? I cannot imagine Simret at the dentist?
I miss you guys so much it hurts!
I need a Walker family fix!!! and soon!

Ted and Lori said...

How much longer do I have to send in a photo?