Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Details

I know you are DYING to find out exactly how it happened. I'll share. Judah was all naked ready to get into the bath. He said, "peepee!" Tommy and I jumped into frantic motion screaming, "POTTY! POTTY!"
I, fully clothed, sat on the grown-up toilet to provide him with a model (albeit TERRIBLE CLOTHED MODEL) while cheering for myself (in retrospect, it must have been very bizarre and a tad scary for poor Jude).
Despite the commotion (I sincerely hope he has learned to ignore most of his mom's craziness) Judah sat on his toilet. A few seconds later he got up. In the little, blue toilet...A TINY, GORGEOUS PUDDLING. Tommy quickly swished the miracle liquid over the music playing sensor. We cheered. Jude looked annoyed.
Stunned and confused, I asked Tommy, "is it really pee?"
Tommy replied, "Yes."
I was still not convinced, I needed to do investigative work, "Is it yellow?"
Tommy, "YES. It's PEE."
Me, "Really?"
Tommy, "I SAW him going."
Me, "Really?"
Tommy, "YES."

I think in all the excitement, I was in shock. Seriously, how else did I think that Jude put a little, yellow puddle in his potty.
Once again, PROUD. Yes. VERY proud.


Jocelyn said...

Your description made me want to cheer:-) And...not for your modeling career..for Judah!! YAY JUDAH!!

Eastiopians said...

Miracle liquid....hmmm...remember that when later it splashes all over the floor or when you accidentally drop the bowl of miracle liquid on your foot when trying to pour it into the big potty. :) It IS so great when they are potty trained! Congrats Judah to Pee-ah!

susan said...

Oh My! He's too little! I'm just not ready to acknowledge this... So proud of him!
Love to all!

Amy B. said...

That is one of the funniest pee descriptions I've ever heard (oh and I've heard a lot :)). Yay for Judah! Who wouldn't be proud after a moment like that :)

Nana said...

Tommy and Danni-you have the best supportive friends--it is all a learning curve, so kudos. If only Judah could hear them ALL cheer!

J'Laine said...

Go Judah!!! I love the story...made me feel like I was there cheering him on.

Jana Kunz said...

You are too funny, LOL. I think for me potty training my two boys was more painful than giving birth!! Hopefully it goes smoothly. :)

jen said...

YAY Judah!!