Friday, March 27, 2009

Why Can't You Make Up Your Mind Already...or Therapy Needed Obviously

The public/private/public deal has got to make you dizzy. Me too. I feel that since I took you on that little journey, it's only fair I share a bit about why. I think being public is important. I remember LY letting me know that my blog actually helped her a tad during the adoption process. That's super important to me. I know I've gotten such amazing support and been introduced to some pretty amazing folks through this blog. I would like to think that it's possible that my little family might bring someone a pinch of comfort during the emotionally trying adoption process. Reading/writing blogs was/is comfort to me. I still want to be part of that. People who have not been through the adoption process may not fully understand why it's special. But, it is. We NEED one another. Right?
Which leads me to the dark side. Why did I go private? I was in a BAD place because a coworker made work life super difficult (and you know how much I typically LOVE my work). I work in the schools and it killed my heart (he has since been fired). Then someone else violated and then exploited our privacy so unbelievably badly in our own home, well, it's hard to talk about. I went through a time when no place seemed safe/sacred. It was really hard to believe that people can treat other people that badly and show no remorse. Now three months later, I feel better/stronger. So I'm back to sharing my feelings and thoughts publicly...and I have lots to share :)


Eastiopians said...

I've missed you and Judah! I don't do very well with private so I'm so glad you are back public. I am so sorry that you went through so much hardship with your family privacy. I'm glad that coworker is gone and I hope you can enjoy your work again. You have definitely been a source of strength and knowledge for me on this adoption journey, and I need people like you more than ever now that I am just sitting around and waiting. God bless your family!


Lea said...

Glad you have lots to share! I love it!

And pretty please...more pics of Judah! more, more!!