Monday, March 2, 2009


This past weekend we sent in our REadoption paperwork. We had all the paperwork collected and ready to mail Saturday afternoon. In the Borders parking lot, I glanced over the paperwork from Ethiopia. I wasn't prepared for instant-overflowing-Borders-parking-lot-tears. That's one thing about adoption. It's emotionally complex. I thought that the emotional part of this journey was prior to and during the adoption process. Once Judah was safely home, I thought I could breathe. I was wrong. I was crying because of the loss. The loss of Tesfahun's mom. That's a loss that's part of our lives permanently.
The good news is that we should be assigned a court date super soon. Strange, I thought it was just going to be formality stuff, but I'm very excited.


Jocelyn said...

I am a little behind because I forgot you went private!! Yes, I am smart, I really am:-) Yay for your re-adoption, I too get emotional when I look at my Ethiopian just brings a lot of feelings to the mind and heart. I love that Judah is so verbal, I can't wait for he and Pacey's first conversation on the phone:-) Miss you guys!!

Nana said...

I was looking at Judah's Ethiopian passport last week and I knew that the change from Tesfahun to Judah was near. Judah will never lose his Ethiopian heritage because you and Tommy will never let that happen-no matter what the passport says. Love, Nana

msl said...

We sent in our readoption paperwork this week too! It was very emotional for me as well thinking about Tessa's birthmom and how Tessa is moving another step away from her with this (I know not completely logical but there you go.) Strange how sometimes it can just sneak up on you.

Jillienne said...

Yeah for ReAdoption! And yeah for not having to do this step in Michigan!

I hope you get your court date very quickly!

J'Laine said...

When I got Simret's last document in the mail-her social security card-I was so excited to be done with all of her paperwork and adoption. And then Lance says, "I am not sure why you are so excited to get her social security card in the she can pay taxes?". The beauty of becoming an American?

But, Nana is right-you and Tommy will be true to Judah's/Tesfahun's roots and teach him about his birth country at every opportunity and take him back often (I just hope that I am present during most of those trips back).

Miss you guys and I will call you tonight...sorry I missed your call last night-we were having dinner with some friends. I have lots to talk with you about.

love ya,