Sunday, March 29, 2009

ReAdoption Date

Guess what? We have exiting news! April 8th is our readoption date!!! Our court appointment is at 11:00AM and we are going to celebrate after with delicious Ethiopian cuisine in Little Ethiopia. Wanna join us? We'd love to have you there. Let us know.

P.S. I guess there was a bit of confusion regarding the meaning of "readoption"... Some fabulous friends thought that it meant we were adopting a SECOND child. Nope, still working on our first adoption. Judah will get his US birth certificate and legal name change. Oh, and a tip for anyone considering paying their agency a ridiculous fee (e.g. our agency wanted $1600) for this - it cost us $20 and took approximately 1 stress-free hour to do this ourselves. California readoption questions can be addressed here for free.

A SECOND adoption announcement is still to come :) ... stay tuned.


Nana said...

No matter what, Nana will try to be there for the once in a lifetime readoption event. The new job will have to understand. I believe that Family is most important and once issues are aired, all need to move forward at reconciliation, much like readoption. There is too much time wasted on the unimportant. Family grows and evolves and the best families engage in the healing process. That is what Nana believes. I love you and always will.

Bethany said...

You always leave sly little tid bits to get people excited over your news...uhh you kill me! Happy re-adoption day coming soon! That day was really emotional for me..I didn't think I would cry, but when the judge was talking about what it means to be a family...the tears flowed..uhh such a cry baby I am!


msl said...

Tessa has her readoption day April 10th!!
Hey, some very exciting news to come I see!!