Saturday, March 1, 2008

Lessons ...

... that I learned or relearned while in Ethiopia (compliments of my traveling companions)

Aly - that you can appear (and actually be) amazingly strong and yet never stop crying … actually making people around you admire you, because you feel so much. Constantly.

Mr. Aly - another reason to love your spouse is because they love Ethiopia

Jocelyn - it’s always ok to insist on getting answers if it’s for your child

Wade - when you find someone doing the hide-while-you-cry in a van, the only words, and the most comforting are, “tough day” … SO much better than “It’s ok” when it’s not, or an “I’m sorry” when they are feeling the same way.

Dae - babies need to be burped (Jude thanks you) and if you put on the Baby Bjorn properly it doesn’t hurt.

Jill - when you live honestly, you radiate it and people can see it immediately.

Lance - the right tone of voice and warmth can make the entire room more at ease.

Colton and Dylan - although someone may be half your age, you can learn from them. They can be much wiser (and obviously cooler) than you in many ways.

Thanks guys! We miss you!


Lori said...

How special to have come away with not only memories of your travel companions. What's more is that you'll all hold something special together and no one will forget the others as it was on this trip that all of your lives changed!

I especially love, "tough day", I want to remember that.

KelleyO said...

Danni, I'm Sarah (from Denver) sister. What agency did you use? You can email me

Jocelyn said...

Thank you...I miss you guys too. We were so lucky to have traveled together!

Ted and Lori said...

Interesting post! Oh, and the video of the laughing is so wonderful! Jocelyn told me you guys are in SoCal? Ted and I are both down here now...would be so cool to meet! Send me an email?

J'Laine said...

Thank you! We also learned many leasons from our adventures in Ethiopia, as well. For example, I learned how valuable water is; that there is such a thing as true love at frist sight; that you can actually meet someone on the internet that ends up being a lifelong friend; that kindness and love can transend language and culture.
I am just so thankful that our families met and expereinced parenthood and Ethiopia together. We miss you guys like crazy...
the boys ask about how you, Tommy, and Jude are doing often and love reading your blog.
jill, lance, simret, and "the boys"

J'Laine said...

I guess my last posted didn't work so here goes again...

Thank you! We learned a great deal from our adventures in Ethiopia as well. For example, I learned that water is extremely valuable; that there is actually such as thing as true love at first sight; that love and kindness transend language and culture; that you can actaully meet a lifelong friend on the internet; that life is too short not to live in the present.

We are so thankful that our families experienced parenthood and Ethiopia together. I just wish you guys lived closer-so we could get together, have a glass of wine, and talk about all of the changes that our babies are going through-our joys and struggles of parenthood.

-the boys ask about how you, Tommy, and Judah are doing all the time and love reading your blog and looking at the new pictures of Jude.

miss you guys like crazy-
jill & lance (simret & the boys)

Angie said...

Great lessons...and I just watched the Judah laughing video. Talk about an infectious giggle. What a cutiepie! I hope we get to meet one day soon. :)

brotayjax said...

OK... so I've read this post several times and have not been able to get through it without (you guessed it) crying.

A gift you gave to me while we were in Ethiopia was that you seemed to truly understand my tears--whether they were tears of sadness, joy, anger, or just plain feeling overwhelmed by it all. Thank you for finding that there was a lesson to be learned through all my tears.

From you I also learned lessons that my husband--"Mr. Aly" (or Alex, as we call him) and I are helping to incorporate into our lives and the lives of our children.

Tommy - from you I learned that strategically placed humor can diffuse tense and difficult situations. Although you made fun of my crying, you never once made me feel as though there were something wrong with doing it.

Danielle - I felt you truly understood my tears... the emotional roller coaster that was our shared experience. From you I relearned and learned the joy of finding a like soul who shares your compassion, pride, and love of a beautiful time... and a beautiful place.

I truly miss you all... give Judah a big squeeze for me... Aly