Monday, March 24, 2008

The adventures of Judah!

Jude has been one busy fellow! Here's just a taste of what he's been up to! I'm going to have a very busy blogging week to catch up...

He had a very fun St. Patrick's Day! Hanging with his mom and dad

visited his Grandma and Great Grandma

played with Nathan and Ashley

was held by Auntie Lea

kissed by Ashley

held hands with Gabby

and hugged her

and kissed her (I tell you my son is a shameless flirt!)

was loved by GaGa Deb and Auntie Mish

brunched with good friends

danced with Bernadette

fell in love with sweet potatoes (if you can't tell by his curvacious figure, my baby loves to eat!)

and hung out with Auntie Heather

We came home from Flagstaff, AZ last night and I have some great pics to share. Just so you know, I am the type of sicko parent that actually dresses their child in a bunny outfit for their own amusement (I promised Jude that this would be the last year. I learned quickly that although he enjoys telling jokes and laughing at other people's jokes, he is NOT a fan of being laughed at).


Jocelyn said...

I will make sure not to show this post to Pacey, she might get jealous of all the hand holding and hugging:-)

Lori said...

Busy, busy bees! I think I've seen like TWO pictures of this kid not beaming! Seriously, he is pure beauty.... Give him a bit wet one from me!!

jen said...

Cutest bunny ever.