Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy 8 month birthday Jude (a couple of days late) and Happy Birthday Grandma (today)!

We love you!

I think being a parent is the most self indulgent thing I've ever done. I get tons of hugs and big open mouth kisses, snuggles, and countless smiles. I have the best reading and play partner ever. He doesn't complain about my singing (yet. I am extremely tone deaf, so this is temporary)and likes to dance with me. Judah is also the BEST alarm clock ever. Seriously. At 6:45 he wakes me up gently with soft coos and quiet da-da-ta-ta-gu's. There is no better way to start the day than that. Jude is the best friend a girl could ever have. Gosh, I just love every morsel of my sweet boy.

My two loves

I'm a very lucky girl!


Dani Schmidt said...

Seriously, the cutest picture ever!!!
Happy 8 month birthday to Judah.

Karen said...

That's a very, very adorable picture! Happy 8th month birthday, Judah and Happy Birthday Grandma! :-)

Lori said...

Happy, happy, day sweet little baby! Oh, eight months already! Danni, the fun is just about to explode with him in the next couple of months! Not that he's not already the love of your life, but it's so fun to see the evolution of this next stage!

Happy Birthday Grandma too!

ps. He was born a Walker - look at his vibrant joyous soul! Joya!

Jocelyn said...

Happy 8 months Judah!! I love that picture of your boys:-)

LISA said...

Ahhh, they look so cute!!

J'Laine said...

What a great picture...I am happy that you are enjoying motherhood so much. We miss you...

jen said...

Thanks so much for your kind comment! I didn't know where to reply, so please forgive me if this is awful blog-etiquette. We're in Columbus OH. I am really excited about the BU. I think its a strong bond that adoptive parents have. I would also just love for Sam to have some friends from Ethiopia.
It's really nice to meet you! Take care, Jen

jen said...

I just saw Jocelyn's video on her blog. (actually it was a few minutes ago, I had to pull myself together a little ;)) How did you all manage to look so great going to meet your kids? I was a mess.

We also worked with Children's House. Everyone at the Thomas Center was so kind and wonderful to us and to Samuel. I'd love to see your pictures this summer at the BU.

Did they by any chance photoshop a picture of you and your husband to include Judah in it? They did that for us and we thought it was so funny.

I'm getting so excited for this summer. I'm also spending too much time on the computer now.

take care! Jen

Gurskes said...

VERY CUTE! You are a very blessed girl!