Monday, February 4, 2008

Tribute to Daddy-Friend

People have different names for their Fathers (Dad, Pop, Daddy, etc). Mine is Daddy-Friend. Today was a prime example of why he is considered a Daddy-Friend. He called, with concern and insight readily detectable in his voice, to say, "You probably wouldn't have thought of this, but, you will need a car seat. Do you have a car seat? I mean, have you thought of that? I wouldn't have thought of that ...". I assured him, with a chuckle, that yes, we do indeed, have a car seat. I'm so glad that I have a Daddy-Friend at times like these (times when I am losing sleep contemplating whether crib bumpers are soft, happy, colorful friends or death traps in disguise) to heighten my awareness that there may be parents somewhere in the space time continuum, that a week before being united with their children, may not have thought of the need for a car seat (I on the other hand, who is acutely aware of the fact that I could probably have more than one solid diagnosis of OCD, knew the consumer reports of every car seat ever evaluated over two years ago). Gotta love a helpful Daddy-Friend, he believes in safety first.
In other news, is anyone else losing sleep over the primaries? Regardless of political beliefs, it's crazy right? I don't know whether to be more anxious about leaving for Africa to pick up my son in 3 minutes or Super Tuesday in 1 minute!


Lori said...

He sure is cute! I also suffer from OCD!!!

Karen said...

Daddy-friends...Gotta love 'em!! :)

Hauswife said...

Oh, I just love your Daddy-friend!